10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Scratch Off Printing

cropped Scratch Cards

Looking for a way to increase sales and get better results from your marketing? A scratch off printing service can help you create unique scratch off tickets that creates curiosity, engagement, anticipation, and excitement with your customers. Scratch off cards are like lottery game scratch offs except customers get the chance to win gifts, discounts, and special offers from your business. But just why would your business need this?

Here are 10 strong reasons why these tickets can take your business to the next level:

Reason #1: They Can Enhance Direct Mail Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges with direct mail is getting your mail opened and read. By attaching custom scratch off tickets to your campaigns, you can add an element of curiosity and get people to open and pay attention to your package. They are also cost effective, especially since you’re going to a better return from your direct mail campaign by using them.

Reason #2: Scratch Off Tickets Can Increase Retail Sales

Increase Sales

Retail stores always face the challenge of converting windows shoppers and turning them into customers. By running in-store promotions and events with scratch off tickets, you can engage shoppers and get more of them to jump on the special offers. In addition, it can create a lot of buzz in the area which can draw more customers to come in to your store.

Reason #3: New Products Can Be Launched with Scratch Off Tickets

A great way to launch a new product is to integrate scratch off tickets in your promotions. You can give away scratch off tickets that offer random discounts and offers for your new product. In the scratch off tickets, you can include various features and benefits about your new product which can help your customers learn more about the product and reinforce sales process.

Reason #4: Reward Based Scratch Off Cards Can Inspire Customer Loyalty

Scratch off tickets can go beyond promotions. By giving out these tickets to existing customers, you can inspire customer loyalty and get them to make repeat purchases. This approach can work especially well if you combine it with a customer loyalty program. A big part of making these loyalty programs work is executing a good engagement strategy, and scratch off cards can be the perfect solution for doing that.

Reason #5: You Can Use Gamification in Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to create a viral marketing campaign and engage your target audience is to use gamification. Using the scratch off cards to create scavenger hunts, contests, races, and other fun events where contestants can win prizes can really be an effective way to promote your business. It can work even better if you integrate multiple channels like blogs, social media, email, and apps.

Reason #6: Unique Cards Can Lead to Free Press

Free Press

The press is always looking to bring interesting stories to their audience. If you manage to come up with a fun, innovative, or unique way to use the scratch off tickets, you’ll generate a lot of attention from blogs, industry sites, local news stations, local radio stations, and print publications. Who knows? It may even lead to you being featured on a national program.

Reason #7: Generate Leads from Losing Scratch Offs

Just because contestants didn’t win anything from their scratch off tickets doesn’t mean your business can’t get any value from them. Losing scratch offs tickets can be a great way to generate leads for your business. You can offer another chance for contestants to participate by subscribing to your email list, signing up for a SMS update list, or following your social media accounts.

Reason #8: Scratch Off Tickets Can Boost Your Brand

Building brand awareness and visibility can be very challenging for smaller businesses. But using scratch off tickets in your marketing can help set your business apart from the competition. It can get more of your target audience to start becoming aware of who you are. The buzz generated from these types of campaigns can also generate a lot of attention for your brand.

Reason #9: Increase Traffic with Print Ads

Scratch off tickets can also work very well with your print campaigns. Your business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and order inserts can integrate scratch off tickets for a bigger impact. Usually, people tend to quickly glimpse over print ads. But the fun, interactive, and exciting element of these tickets can draw people in and get them digging deeper into your ads.

Reason #10: You Can Expect a Big Lift in Backend Sales

Businesses know that the best time to generate more profits from customers is right after they make a purchase (called backend sales). In fact, some businesses rely on backend sales to make a profit. Even after the first few follow-up sales attempts are rejected, you can still create more chances for new customers to consider purchasing the upgrades and related products/services by using promotional scratch off tickets.

These are 10 reasons why your business should start using scratch off printing in your marketing. Scratch off tickets can help you generate attention, increase leads, boost sales, and grow your brand. They are also versatile and cost effective, so you’ll be able to using them in many different ways.

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