How To Make $1000+ From Your Blog Per Month

How To Make $1000+ From Your Blog Per Month

There are many ways to make money blogging from various Ad networks, Affiliate marketing, promoting your own products, banner advertising, and sponsored reviews. If you have low traffic banner advertising will not help you generate huge earning but sponsored reviews will do. If you are very much active on your blog, then you possess a chance to earn $1000 a month i.e by publishing around 4-5 good quality sponsored reviews.

From the beginning, we all have been told that if you don’t have huge traffic around 1000+ daily then earnings will be less, but it is not true for sponsored reviews and banner advertising it is only true if you are using any kind of ad networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Media.net for advertising.

I have seen many blogs with huge traffic but still, advertisers reject their blogs for advertising while there are some quality blogs with low traffic where advertisers are willing to spend $200 for advertisements. Why this drastic change? It is because even though traffic is less but that all the traffic was targeted as compared to high traffic blogs.

How To Make $1000+ From Your Blog Per Month

Today I am going to share one trick which will help you make $1000 per month easily. “Money Is Everywhere” one needs to learn how to get money inside pocket”. You need only a blog with genuine readers, that’s all you need to make money.

Most of us don’t use Google Analytics properly, it is one of the best tools with a lot of marketing data unfortunately but most of us don’t know how to use it properly. Here is What I had done, I started finding the most popular posts on my blog which are getting search engine traffic mostly.  Now after I got some 2-3 posts I started analyzing my search engine ranking for those posts, after analyzing SERP rank and competitors, I updated those posts with fresh content as well as optimize them for the search engine.

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After few days I saw some growth in search engine ranking but still, I was not at the top, so I built some quality backlinks using blog commenting, social bookmarking, and forum commenting. As those posts started attracting more traffic from search engines and I also got some keywords in my lists. So I decided to pitch some of the advertisers who will be willing to pay to get their advertisements as well as reviews on my blog.

I contacted some of the advertisers from ([email protected]) with my Google Analytics report and keywords which were attracting traffic, as this kind of email looks quite genuine and reports as proof so that advertiser can easily decide spending on my blog will be profitable or not.

In short, What I did was :

  • I identified the most popular posts of my blogs that are driving search engine traffic.
  • After that, I optimized those posts and started link building for it to increase its SERP ranking.
  • I made a list of keywords and a Google Analytics report.
  • At last, I contacted some advertisers, who might be interested in buying space on my blog.

How to Identify Most Popular Posts of Blogs?

It is very simple, but if you are a beginner don’t worry we will tell you everything, here is how :

  1. Open your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click on Acquisition
  3. After that click on Search Engine Optimization then Landing Pages, It will look similar to this as shown in the image below.

How to get paid more from Advertiser

  • Here 1st column (140,000) will tell you, how many impressions your post gets i.e How many times it appears on search engines.
  • 2nd column (3,000) tells the number of clicks your post gets from Search engines.

To keep my blog details confidential, I have to hide my blog reports, but it will not affect you from learning my trick to get paid more.

Now download this free Google Analytics report, so that you can share it with some advertisers to grab their attention.

How to Convince Advertiser to Pay more?

One must have convincing power while negotiating, if you have this power then I am sure you can even get $500 from just a single advertiser easily. What do I do to get paid more by Advertisers? I keep their requirement before money as if you can fulfill the requirement of advertisers then I can assure you that they will be willing to pay and work more in future, Hence more money 😛

When I pitch any advertiser, First I send him the report of my Google Analytics with some of the keywords which are driving traffic to those popular posts. If an advertiser finds it profitable he/she will get back to me, nowhere what I do is after getting a reply from an advertiser I tell him about more offers he can avail from my blog like :

  • Providing Ad Space in Sidebar (Several Weeks, Months)
  • Providing Ad Space in some of my Popular posts
  • Writing 1000+ word sponsored review
  • Commenting on various related CommentLuv enabled blog with link of his product review
  • Massive social media promotion on Twitter, Facebook.
  • ETC

So this was all about How you can make $1000+ from any blog every month. “Fulfill your advertiser requirement and advertiser will fulfill your Bank Balance”.

I hope you like this article, if you have any query please comment them down below. I would love to reply to each and every one. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if it sounds helpful for them too.

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