15 Experts Ways to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Website!

15 Experts Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Websites

For many bloggers getting traffic is very hard! One day you will be getting 100-500’s of visitors and another day you will be getting only 10-20’s. A similar thing was happening with me on my initial days of blogging but I keep on experimenting, reading many popular blogs, and found 15 ways to drive huge traffic to the website on daily basis.

There are many free and paid tutorials over the web which work better for others but it will not work for you or your niche. There are many bloggers who use a combination of these and drive really huge traffic to their websites. So today I will be sharing with you Top 15 Experts ways to drive really huge traffic to your websites easily.

15 Experts Ways to drive huge Traffic To Your Websites

15 Experts Ways to Drive Huge Traffic to Websites Easily!

Here we start with free expert traffic generation tips that will surely work for your blog/website that will keep on driving traffic to your blog. Here are these expert traffic tips :

1. Finding & Engaging with your audience:-

Engaging with the audience will surely help your visitors returning to your website again and again. You might have seen various leading companies like DropBox, ShutterStocks that keep on engaging with their audience via Emails, Social Media, etc.

This engagement helps them bring quality traffic and create trust among users, this is the reason they are the leading company of these eras.

You can also engage with your audience via :

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  • You can also interact with them on Blog via Comments
  • You can also interact and engage your audience via email marketing.

2. Getting a LinkBack:-

Install tynt over your blog this will help you get a link back to your article or website whenever somebody copy’s your content, this plugin automatically adds your website link with it, which helps you get traffic from various blogs, social media, and other referral sources it gets added.

Tynt will generate natural backlinks, as well as it also provides content performance analytics with no. of unique views over the month.

3. Embed Tweets On Your Blog Posts:-

This might not work for all but this can work really better for some for driving traffic from Twitter. Everybody knows Twitter is the best social media for business and online websites.

By embedding tweets in blog posts twitter can feature your website within the tweet as a source of further information.

For example, there is a tweet that went viral and in few days it has received over 33,000+ retweets and was featured on new and tech-related sites. This tweet was sent by Dan barker to Matt Cutts.

15 Experts ways to drive huge traffic tips

So whenever you find any tweet related to your niche going viral, write a quick blog post and add some additional content and you might be able to drive huge traffic from Twitter or other social media.

4. Target your Audience:-

Before you start driving traffic to your website, find out who is your audience and where they mostly hang around!. As for me, there are various social media sites where I can find my targeted audience and I always remain active over there to drive huge traffic to my blog.

For some people, it might be any particular social media, any forum, or any blog where you can interact via comments or guest posts.

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5. Sometimes Target Influencers:-

You might be thinking about how targeting influencers will help you drive huge traffic to your website. This is very simple as linking to influencers on your recent blog post and letting them know you did this.

People love when someone says awesome stuff about them and surely they would love to share it over their social profile which will bring a more targeted audience which you will never think will get it.

Here is one post I had target influencers to drive huge traffic to my blog.

6. Focus on 1-3 Marketing Channels at a Time:-

Focusing on only 1-3 marketing channels like Advertising, SEO, Content Marketing, etc. Try to find out which channels work for you quickly as possible.

This will help you save your time you were wasting doing marketing there from where you were not getting a handful amount of traffic.

If one channel doesn’t work for you drop it down there only and move on to another the faster you do faster you will find those channels which will help you drive huge traffic.

7. Build Relationship among others:-

Besides doing SEO I also focus on building relationships among other influencing bloggers of my niche. Basically trying to meet other bloggers and getting their attention. It helps me drive quality targeted traffic which is more likely to convert to sales.

I learned to build a blogging relationship from Adrienne Smith’s she posses an awesome active blogging community. Building a relationship with other bloggers is not one day task but if done properly you will never see any day your blog traffic get down to less than 1000 pageviews.

8. Create Authority Contributors Round-Up:-

It is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic from authority bloggers. It will not only help you create quality content but also it helps you get new customers, readers and audience.

Here is an example of one on Enstine Muki blog it is about How 15 Top Bloggers Make Money Online

9. Use Double Duty Images:-

Double Duty Images means those images which are designed to do two works simultaneously. Have you ever seen pro blogs or popular brands? If Yes! surely you will have to find that every link they share has attractive images attached with them. Why they Do this? Here is the answer :

  • 1st they use images that are interesting so that people share them on their social profiles and pages.
  • 2nd they designed those images such that it arouses curiosity among readers which increases click-through rate and hence traffic.

Neil Patel does the same thing, this is the reason he is able to drive massive traffic from social media only. Here is an example.

Double Duty Images

10. Organize or Promote Giveaway:-

It is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. Organizing giveaway for those things which your readers want or need can be the best way to drive traffic as well as creating a profitable email list.

Not only organizing even if your friend blogger has organized any giveaway then by writing and promoting that post on social media you can get traffic as well as you can build a profitable relationship with those bloggers also.

Participate in this Giveaway and win HTC Desire 616 hurry up!

11. Remain Active On Blogging Community:-

There are so many blogging communities that will help you drive quality and huge traffic. But you have to remain active over there build relationships among others this way they will also vote up your post and if your blog post gets featured on the front page of those blogging communities then surely you will get 1000’s of the visit very easily.

Here are some of the best Blogging community I use are: BlogEngage, BloKube, Klinkk, and Kingged.

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12. Using Broaded.Net:-

Broaded.net is a platform that helps you promote your bloggers among many other popular blog posts without sharing them on Social media nor even doing SEO.

One thing you need is the credit which you can buy over it and allot some those credit for per click and see the result. I am also using Broaded.net and getting positive responses from it.

13. Write Controversial Blog Posts:-

Controversial posts can also be used to drive huge traffic to your websites. Once you right controversial stuff that engages your audience with content it will automatically start creating a conversation on the blog over their itself.

You can use Speakol to create by using it you can develop an argument among your audience which will automatically engage other readers as well.

Here is one controversial post which is driving huge traffic for his blog.

14. By Guest Blogging:-

Guest Blogging is still one of the best ways to find a new audience for your brand or blog. Guest Blogging 1st priority is not SEO but it should be finding new people with which you can connect with.

If your guest post genuinely helps others then I swear they will read the author bio and will visit your blog because they would like to know whether you can help them further or not.

15. Join RetweetBird:-

This is coming up not yet ready, but I will help you drive traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to get huge traffic and get a social share. If used properly your post might get viral on Social Sites.

RetweetBird is a crowdsourcing platform which will help you increase your social signals as well as it will also help you attract some advertisers for sponsored post review. RetweetBird will be live this month and will start working.

RetweetBird doesn’t exist anymore, we are looking for sites similar to it. I will update it once we found any replacement.


These are all the 15 expert ways of driving huge traffic to your website easily without applying much effort. So from now, you have to select two traffic generation tips and start applying them to over your business and wait for few days if it works add these traffic generation tips to your checklist and if it didn’t work drop this traffic generation trick and select other two and do the same.

Don’t forget to share your views about these traffic generation expert tips. If you have any more expert ways of driving traffic then don’t forget to share them with us. Let me know about it I will update this article for sure.

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