4 Ways to Turn Your Landscape into a Strong Security System

Security System

Sitting under a timber patio, sipping their favorite coffee while fine breeze brushes their face – that is what landscaping means for some people. While others see landscaping as a huge thrust for their home value. Whatever is the case, landscaping has become more and more a staple of every household.

House owners go all out with adding different tints and shades of landscaping in their exterior. Be it adding plantation, sitting area, lighting, fountain or swimming pool; landscaping demands a huge investment before it starts paying off. Well, that’s why most house owners go for landscaping insurance to save landscaping from any potential damage.

But little do people know that landscaping is more than just enhancing the overlook of home and adding value. It can also be used as your home protector. Yes, you heard it right! Instead of giving fee to a guard, you can strategically plan to turn your landscape into a robust home security element, here is how:

Security System

Go For Thorny and Prickly Plants:

Plants are to add colors and give a natural touch to your yard, but they can also be an effective element in your security system. Obviously, they can’t replace the significance of a security system, but they can play an effective role in their own accord.

Grow thorny plants like rose bush under your windows so that a burglar can’t jump over your window so easily. Though they are not impossible to cross, they can definitely be a major hurdle for the burglar.

Install Lighting:

Home intruders love dark houses, and a well-lit home is their no-entry zone. So why not turn your landscaping essential, lighting, into a way to shoo-away burglars? Install floodlights, pathway lights, and wall lights to flood front and backyard with the light. And the best option is motion-sensory lights, which turn into a prison yard spotlight once anyone steps under them.

Make sure that no nook and cranny of your yard is dark and gloomy as it can be a welcoming point for the burglars.

Don’t Display Valuables:

We all know having an outdoor living space is a cherished dream of every house owner. Installing a sound system, placing television and games might make your outdoor more entertaining, but it is also welcoming for the intruders.

Take such valuable items inside at night and make sure they are not visible from outside during the day time. Your point is to entertain yourself, not to show your net worth to others.

Grow Trees Away from Building:

You might have seen several movies where burglars enter the home through a tall tree brushing the windows of the building. Yes, that can also happen in real life. So, it is always better to grow trees away from the main building so that they don’t turn into a ladder for the burglar to easily land your upper portion.

You spend a lot of money on your landscaping, so it is always good to use it for multiple purposes with a little planning and wise strategies. Just like turning it into your security firewall!

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