5 Alternatives to Uber and Lyft for Making Money From Your Car

Make Money with your Car

In 2019, Uber had global net revenue of more than $11 billion

Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing companies allow almost anyone to make money from their car.

Are you fed up with all the money that you pay out for your car? Why not try to claw some of it back? There are plenty of other ways you can use your car to make money if ridesharing isn’t your thing.

Read on as we look at five alternatives to Uber and Lyft for making money from your car.

1. Meal Delivery

You’re desperate for a double-double from In-N-Out Burger, but it’s too much effort to drive there. The good news is, you can pay someone to pick it up for you.

If you like the idea of making this dream come true for others, then why not consider using your car to offer meal deliveries? There are plenty of online companies you can work for, and who knows, maybe the restaurants might even throw in the odd freebie now and again?

2. Rent Your Car Out

Rent your car

How much time do you actually spend in your car? The vast majority of the time it’s just parked and not being used.

There are plenty of other people who would love to be able to borrow your car whilst you’re not using it. So why not let them pay you for the privilege?

There are a number of sites that let you rent your car out in a similar way to how Airbnb does it with your home. The best part is, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

3. Use It To Get a Loan

Cars are expensive. There’s a lot of your money locked up in those four wheels.

The good news is, there are ways to tap into that money. One way is to use your car as collateral when applying for a title loan. You’ll be able to borrow money, and as long as you pay it back on time, you’ll still have your beloved car at the end of the process.

4. Package Delivery

If things carry on the way they are, there will eventually be two kinds of people; those expecting an Amazon delivery, and those delivering them.

As the online giant continues to grow, there are more and more packages that need to be delivered. Until their fleet of sentient drones are unleashed, why not get paid to do some of the work? All you need is your car and to live fairly near an Amazon warehouse and you’re good to go.

5. Advertising

Make Money from car with Advertising

Another great way to make money from your car without you needing to lift a finger is to use it as a mobile advertising billboard.

There are companies that will pay you to let them wrap your car in order to promote their brand. All you need to do is drive around in it as normal and you’ll get paid. The process doesn’t damage your car, and you can remove it without any issues. 

It’s basically free money.

Are You Considering Any of These Alternatives to Uber?

Any of these alternatives to Uber and Lyft are a good way to make some extra money from your car.

If you’re looking for other ways to make a little extra cash, then you’re in the right place. We have a ton of great content all about how to make money, whether it’s online or in the real world. We also have some great tutorials to help get you started.

Feel free to take a good look around.

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