5 Easy Ways to Make Money from Blogging

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Making money from blogging sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Surely people won’t pay you just to write, will they? Well, believe it or not, many people will and while SEO and advertising can be big components to it blogging is very varied.

Pay per click or PPC is a popular business model when it comes to blogging if you write a popular article that gets thousands of clicks you could make a substantial amount of money from advertising. One of the big roadblocks people have when it comes to blogging is thinking it’s too difficult to break into.

While English and journalism degrees are no doubt helpful plenty of bloggers just have an interest in writing. There’s also a lot of platforms out there that can help you get started so let’s take a look at five easy ways to make money from blogging.



Probably the most traditional blogging path freelancing is a great way to build connections and make money blogging. Most businesses and organizations today have a blog on their website and many will turn to freelancers to help write them.

Getting started as a freelancer can be difficult at first but if you persevere you can build up a big portfolio of work and contacts. If you have your own blog already then you can use it to showcase your blog writing skills as well.

A good understanding of SEO and different writing styles will make freelancing easier as well, so if you’re not familiar with them consider doing some research to prepare yourself.

Advertise On Your Own Blog

Speaking of your own blogs if you have one that is popular you could make money yourself by advertising on it! PPC services like AdSense are a popular way of doing this but there’s a lot of ways you could get advertisers to use your blog.

The good thing about using your own blog is it means you don’t really have to worry about SEO writing or anything like that, you can write about what you want and still make money. 

Promote Your Business

Have you ever wondered why blogging is so popular? It’s because they can be utilized for a wide variety of different things and when it comes to blogging for business they are a valuable way to promote your business.

Advertising your business on your own blog can not only draw in new business but it can also drive your SEO as well. So if you have a business consider how you can use your blog to better advertise your services.

Product Reviewing

Blog writing

Advertising can be used in a variety of ways it doesn’t just have to be used in the traditional PPC sense, you could also review products directly through your blog. Payments for this can vary widely and attracting potential businesses for you to review can take time.

Businesses won’t just ask anyone to review their services or products, however, if your blog is popular then businesses may contact you directly. For example, if you blog about food then restaurants may ask you to blog and review their food. So if you have a passion for review writing then this is a great way to make money from blogging.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are similar to product reviews but businesses will contact you directly to advertise on your blog with a sponsored post they’ve prepared themselves. You will, of course, be paid for allowing them to use your blog.

Sponsored blog posts will also usually have backlinks to their own site as well. If your blog is popular then don’t be surprised if businesses reach out to you asking to advertise directly using a sponsored blog post.

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