5 Fancy Speakers You Will Love To Flaunt in 2015

JBL Clip Wireless Speaker

Enhance your audiovisual experience from your laptops, smartphones and tablets with the best fancy speakers. You needn’t have to spend more time searching for the best fancy speakers, we had done research and found 5 Fancy Speakers you can use to flaunt which you can afford very easily.

Portable speakers are the must thing we should have in todays lifestyle, when your friend or relative visit your home or you go outside then you must have the best fancy portable speakers to show it off. In this post you will find the best and affordable Home Theatres and Speakers which you will love to flaunt among your friends.

5 Best Fancy and Affordable Speakers :

1. Spy Beat Box Bluetooth Mini Speaker With Mic :

Spy Beat Box Bluetooth Mini Speaker

PRICE : RS.599

Spy Beatbox is a video recording system that comes with 420 TVL button. It is one of the best fancy and portable speaker which I had purchased few days back and I love it because it is so small that we can take it to anywhere easily. You can also use this device as an Spy camera as it can record videos it comes with Angel eye DVR which has high quality recording capability.

2. Water Fountain Dancing Music Light Portable Audio LED Speakers :

Water Fountain Dancing Music Light Portable Audio LED Speakers

PRICE : RS.1999

Water fountain dancing LED speakers are the best speakers to flaunt off. This kind of speaker are new in market, the main thing which I love about this speakers are that they are portable and we can take it anywhere easily. One can enjoy water dance as well as listen song simultaneously. Speaker DIA is 33mm with Mini USB ports.

3. JBL Clip Wireless Speaker :

 JBL Clip Wireless Speaker

PRICE : RS.2479

Now enjoy music with JBL clip wireless speakers, this speakers provide better audio quality as well as comfort to the listener compared to other speakers. Best feature of JBL clip speaker is that it has the best noise isolation feature with easy connectivity. This speaker has been designed basically for gaming home theatres and for listening music when you are on the way to anywhere.

4.Smart Dynamite Bluetooth Speaker :

Smart Dynamite Bluetooth Speaker

PRICE : RS.3079

Are you looking for an portable speaker for your laptop then Smart dynamite Bluetooth speaker is the best among this category. It is small in size but offers sound beyond its size. This speaker let you fully enjoy the music on your smartphones,tablet and laptops whenever and wherever you want. It has inbuilt NFC as well as MIC, it comes with i-blue HD technology for extra bass which keep it different from others.

5. Amkette Trubeats Metal 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker :

Amkette Trubeats Metal 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

PRICE : RS.2199

Amkette Trubeats Speaker provide 6 hours of non stop playback time from single charge, It has simple design which make it professional and attractive among others, with rubberized finish to make it scratch resistant. Get ready to party hard with this small speaker with large sound effect not on pocket but on the whole room.

These are all those 5 fancy and portable speakers which you can use to flaunt among your friends. Let me know what you think about this speakers in comment below.

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