Social Media Secrets – 5 Insider’s Tips From Top-Performing Brands On Social Media

Social Media Secrets from Top Brands

If you’ve been dragging your feet about getting your brand on social media, now is the time to give up on your hopes that the craze will die out. Barring a zombie apocalypse or robot uprising, the internet, and social media are here to stay. Use the following five tips from top performers to get your digital presence up and running. 

1. Clever Branding

Clever Branding

If your business provides a service or online commodity rather than tangible products, then posting on popular, visually-focused social media sites like Instagram can be a challenge. This is where choosing promotional products can come in handy. 

Invest in branded products to adorn your office so that your name is evident without having to add graphics and overlays to your posts. You can also include branded gifts when promoting your business by having social media giveaways and competitions. 

2. Stay Relevant Using Up-To-Date News

If your clientele has been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, your social media presence and website can’t keep plugging away like it’s business-as-usual. A recent study found that the top social media activity these days is searching for news and information related to COVID-19. So, be sure to let your customers know how the virus, and other current events, will be impacting their interactions with your business. Your followers will value your transparency and commitment to keeping their interests in mind.

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3. Tag Your Products And Services to Your Posts

Instagram Shopping Tags

If your business is a retail brand, you need to take advantage of shoppable tags. This is a simple way to identify products that your customers can purchase after viewing them on social media. You can also include a linking tool, like Linktree or Link In Profile, in your Instagram bio to easily redirect customers to pages like your website, e-store, popular products, a blog post, or any other online page to which you wish to redirect traffic.

4. Ditch Stock Images and Use Genuine Photos

There’s no way around it, people are tired of stock imagery. So much so that many stock pictures are now the subject of memes and online humor. By overusing these images, you may be compromising your business image as consumers will not consider the brand to be as genuine or personal. If you don’t have an in-house photographer or artist, then it may be worthwhile hiring somebody for a day to capture images of your business, your product, your staff, and maybe even customers’ for testimonials. You can save images to be used later and mix them with some generic stock imagery on your site and socials.

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5. Choose Your Platforms Based On Your Clientele

Some businesses make the mistake of a ‘more is more’ approach to social media, thinking that covering as many platforms as possible is the way to go for broadening their reach. The reason this is a mistake is that social media platforms have their own unique target markets. A platform like TikTok is known to be more popular among teenagers, whereas LinkedIn is preferred by established professionals and budding entrepreneurs. Giants like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Whatsapp have the highest number of users worldwide, but each operates very differently. Before you create a social media strategy, start by researching your target market and determining which platforms they are most likely to use.

The world of social media can seem tricky to navigate at first, but by keeping the above five tips in mind, you’ll be able to win over new customers and brand fans.

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