5 Key Benefits of Instagram for Businesses

5 Key Benefits of Instagram for Businesses

Instagram is the world’s fourth-busiest social media platform, with 1.478 billion users in 2022. Between October 2021 and January 2022, the platform gained over 85 million users.

There’s a lot more to Instagram than pretty pictures. Every one of these active Instagram users is a potential client for your business. 

Keep reading to discover the fantastic benefits of Instagram for promoting and growing your business.

1. Increase Customer Engagement On Multiple Channels

When you show off your Instagram gallery on your website, it piques your customers’ interest.

If they aren’t already following you on this channel, they’re bound to click through from your website and join the fray. That means you can take advantage of Instagram’s high engagement rate and reach out to your customers via an extra channel.

Likewise, you can use content from your website and blogs for marketing on Instagram. Repurposing content for Instagram is easy and can help drive more traffic to your site. 

2. Benefits of Instagram for Marketing

Benefits of Term Plans

Market researchers regularly use Instagram as a barometer of what people like, and you can do the same.

On this platform, it’s easy to keep tabs on the type of content Instagram users prefer. This makes it easier to gain insights into what your target market finds appealing.

You can also easily figure out aspects like your customers’ location, lifestyle, beliefs, and more. 

This information helps you fine-tune your marketing efforts to speak to their deepest desires and offer them what they want. 

3. You Can Make Money Directly from Instagram

A Shoppable Instagram account turns your Instagram into an e-commerce platform. The ‘shop’ table on these accounts lets users discover your products and purchase them on the spur of the moment.

You can add tags to the products in your post, link them to product descriptions, price, and a ‘shop now’ call to action leading to your online store. 

A huge number of users prefer to shop this way, so it’s easy to generate extra income with this Instagram marketing feature.

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4. Effective Targeted Marketing

Targeting customers

When Facebook bought Instagram a few years back, it developed a lot of this leading social media platform’s advertising techniques. 

That means you’ve got access to the world’s most sophisticated social media adverting targeting options for marketing on Instagram. 

You can target your ads by interests, age, behavior, and location. With so many users willing to hit the ‘shop now’ button, this is one of the biggest benefits of Instagram for businesses nowadays. 

5. Expand Your Brand With Instagram

Hashtags are another one of the Instagram benefits to help grow your audience. When you use a hashtag followed by something that interests your target audience, anyone can find your Instagram account.

For instance, if you sell dog food, you could use ‘#doglovers’ on your posts to ensure they pop up whenever someone searches for topics related to that hashtag. 

Looking Good With Instagram

Instagram is the place to be right now, so when your business is an active user of this platform, it shows you’re moving with the times. Using Instagram is easy and fun, too, so sign up today and get started.

As you use this social media channel more, you’ll soon discover even more benefits of Instagram for your business. 

Would you like to discover more ways you can benefit from the latest marketing techniques? Browse our blog for answers. 

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