5 Common Keyword Research Mistake You Are Making

5 Common Keyword Research Mistakes 2016

If you are into online business, then you are already aware of driving more and more traffic is the key for survival of your blog in today’s era. Increasing blog traffic brings more leads and sales by which it will help you make more and more money. We all know there are many businesses online now who are running with you in this race, so to move ahead from them you need to do things differently.

Everybody knows that Organic traffic is the best quality, free and effective traffic that most of the blogs/websites/business are looking for. Organic traffic are most likely to convert into sales and lead as they are targeted potential customers. In simple points targeted organic customers are :

  • who are looking for some kind of services you offer
  • who are interested in your business
  • who are ready to spend money for your services
  • who are looking for long term partnership

So one must focus on SEO, SEO is of two kind OnPage SEO & OffPage SEO. And search engine optimization starts with keyword research. If you target right keywords for your business then I am sure it will help you increase your blog traffic by 300%.

There are some common mistakes which we make, even I used to make such mistake in initial days of my blogging. So today I am going to share some common keyword research mistake that we make.

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5 Common Keyword Research Mistake You Are Making

Here are some common keyword research mistake out of which you might be making at least one. So here we go:

Keyword Research Mistake #1: Relying on Google Keyword Planner Data

No doubt we all know Google keyword planner is the best free keyword research tool for beginners as well as advanced SEO experts. But for beginners it is not at all easy to find profitable keywords using it. As you get lots of irrelevant information there. One is “Competition” generally categorized in 3 ways:

  • Low Competition keywords
  • Medium Competition keywords
  • High Competition keywords

keyword planner tool

These are the competition among Google advertising network not regarding search engine. Sometimes it is helpful but relying totally on Google Keyword Planner is the biggest and most common mistake.

It calculate competition on the basis of number of advertiser bidding on that keyword, more the advertisers bidding more will be the competition. Hence these keywords are the best choice if you are looking for $$$.

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Keyword Research Mistake #2: Targeting Traffic Building Keywords

We all want traffic to our blog and business, you will find many of the web-masters spend hours in finding traffic building keywords. If you are also spending your time in finding traffic building keywords then you are right to some extent because the more traffic you get more money you make.

There are two types of keywords:

  1. Informative keywords
  2. Commercial keywords

Informative keywords: Keywords which provide information, solve problem, how to guides these are the keywords which inform or educate your audience and generally traffic generating keywords.

Commercial keywords: Keywords whose intends to increase sales and revenue like buy, review, comparison, best, order etc.

So I would recommend you to go for both kinds of keywords not only on traffic building keywords.

Keyword Research Mistake #3: Focusing on Same Keywords that Others are focusing

Targeting same keywords that others are targeting is again one of the most common mistake everyone makes. This is the reason everybody finds competition in almost most of the niches. But in view of search engine it is quite good as publishers will provide better and better quality content by providing informative content.

But with publisher perspective this thing is increasing competition leaving 1000’s of keywords untapped. So it will be better if you look for those untapped keywords, it will help you reduce your extra SEO works that you did to rank it as there is no competition among those keywords.

Keyword Research Mistake #4: Not Focusing on Long Tail Keywords

In 2008, it was quite easy to look for some short two words keywords and ranking them on search engine by using some black hat SEO techniques but those days are gone. SEO has changed a lot but some popular business are still targeting but smart webmasters go for long tail keywords because they are easy to rank.

Here you can use Keyword Planner or Long Tail Keyword Pro for finding long tail keywords which contains 4-5 words, just enter some seed keywords and enter generate keywords. You will get a list of bulk long tail keywords.

Keyword Research Mistake #5: Not Doing Competitors Analysis

By doing competitors analysis you can find more keywords that your competitors are ranking for. There are many tools available which you can use to do competitors analysis. One is SEMRUSH, which make it very easy. By just stealing keywords that your competitors are ranking and building content around them is not the best idea, even after that you need to do little more research and have to find low competitive keywords that you can rank according to your blog authority.

You can check any blog authority using Moz like: Page authority, Domain authority etc.

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We can conclude that Keyword Research is the most important thing that one can not neglect while doing search engine marketing. By avoiding these 5 common keyword research mistakes you can improve your search engine ranking. And by generating more and more traffic you will end up making more sales and hence more money.

Let me know if you have any more keyword research mistakes in your mind which can help others in improving there keyword research in comment box below. I would love to update this article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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