A 5-Point Guide in Boosting Website Sales

Boost Website Sale

Due to the rapid growth of technology, online shopping is a very popular and on demand. It allows people to buy goods over the Internet wherever they are. Moreover, because of its convenience, more businessmen are getting into e-commerce rather than doing the conventional method of selling goods or services. To do e-commerce, business organisations establish their websites to promote their services and products.

However, making sales can be challenging. Here are some few tips and strategies that you can try to increase your website sales:

1.  Know Your Audience

Nowadays, customers do online shopping by entering SWIFT codes when paying to avoid the inconvenience of buying from busy malls and shops. To have an effective product promotion, knowing who you’re selling your products to is a must. Understanding the primary type of your target customers such as their gender, age, needs, and wants are necessary to know if you’re targeting the right people.

Therefore, you need to figure out their needs and wants and why these people need your product, so you know what to offer them. For instance, if your product relates to students, then specifically choose students as your target audience. You can study the digital community where teenagers usually visit so you can post more of your products on it. You can also conduct a survey online to gather the data you need.

2.  Make Your Website Enticing

Websites with beautiful design sell better than those with an ugly amateur design. Large companies such as Victoria Secret didn’t spend a lot of money on their product design just for fun. They exactly know that having a creative and pleasing design brings the money in.

A well-designed website attracts potential customers to visit your page, and when this happens, you can convert them into buying customers. However, if your site is difficult to use and has an annoying layout, customers tend to leave immediately. Losing potential customers will make your site less popular in search engines and you lose potential sales.

To achieve an appealing website design, here are some key points you might want to consider:

  • Headline – The headline must not contradict your products and must be in line with your business. It must be concise and catchy yet professional.
  • Product Photos – Photos are one of the bases of customers whether to consider your product or not. Awkward and blurred images tend to lower sales because they can disappoint customers, whereas high-quality product images are attractive to customers and help you make a sale.
  • Effective Caption – Create clear and relevant captions and avoid misleading marketing. Be honest and straightforward. However, avoid jargons and highfalutin words to explain your product. Customers will not buy your product if the caption and product details are not easy to understand and not fun to read.

3.  Create Urgency or Give Promotions

Create Urgency

An effective way of boosting your sales is through urgency and promotions. These are powerful motivators for the customers to buy products from you right at the moment. For example, hotel metasearch websites such as Trivago use urgency to attract consumers to buy. The signs “only two rooms left at this price” on their site help to entice the consumer to book an accommodation right away.

Another way is through promotion. Exclusive announcements to your loyal customers also help. Time-sensitive special offers and limited-edition products are very likely to attract customers. However, if you can’t offer this kind of promotion, you can give them a bonus, discounts, or free shipping if they will buy from you right away.

4.  Choose an Ambassador to Share Your Brand

Nowadays, a lot of consumers are influenced by social media influencers. Choose an ambassador to promote your products on social media so your products and brand will have more exposure from the influencer’s followers. For example, beauty vloggers are very popular nowadays. Companies like Benefit and Mac are coordinating with beauty vloggers to promote and share their products on social media. With the help of these online ambassadors, your product can earn more shares and popularity.

5.  Feature Your Customers’ Testimonials

Aside from ambassadors, satisfied customers are very influential, too. You can ask your customers for positive feedback about your product that you can post on your website. You may also ask them to post your product online with positive feedback and tag you for added exposure. By doing this, you will gain the trust of potential customers and will encourage them to purchase, knowing that what you offer is useful and effective to previous clients.


There are a dozen ways to increase your sales online. Apply these tips to your website to boost your online purchases. To check if a strategy is adequate for your site, monitor it. If it yields success, then maintain or enhance it. If not, move on to the next.

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