5 Reasons To Choose My Asus Zenfone2 as Your Next Phone


As a miracle, Our Asus Zenfone2 appeared in market even sooner than our expectation. Asus Zenfone2 comes in 2 version i.e 4GB as well as 2GB. While we don’t have much difficulty now a days as Asus Zenfone2 2GB version is easily available in many online as well as offline stores, but Asus Zenfone2 4GB version is still a mystery. I know many of us are so badly desperate to see the premium variant. While many of us are still confused whether to go with 4GB version or 2GB version. If you can spend more to get 4GB version instead of 2GB version then I will recommend you to go with 4GB version.


Here are 5 reasons to Choose Asus Zenfone2 as your next phone, Notice this is our personal view so if you think anything is wrong in it. Let us know.

1. ASUS Zenfone2 Z551ML has 4GB RAM :

While the Asus Zenfone2 ZE550ML has only 2GB RAM, while Z551ML have just double of it i.e 4GB. The more RAM capacity is, more smoothly you will experience the performance. We are not saying that 2GB version is not great, it is also good but the 4GB version is really amazing it work smooth like handling butter.

If you are an ASUS lover, then you might know it from before that biggest weakness of ASUS Zenfone 5 is slow multi tasking. But with the introduction of Asus Zenfone2 it has overcame all of it weakness. The 4GB version also has 2 variants :

  • One with Intel Atom Z3580 2.33GHz processor
  • Another with Intel Atom Z3560 1.83GHz processor

2. Metallic Brushed Finish Body :

This is quite important for Smartphone users, The 4GB version comes with Metal brushed finish body which gives us more sophisticated feeling as compared to other smartphones, you can find this same metal brushed finish body on Zenfone 5.

3. Beautiful Full HD Display on ASUS Zenfone2 :

Do we need Sharper and Better Display ? Of course Yes! ASUS Zenfone2 comes with 5.5 Inch IPS LCD Corning Gorilla Display. The 4GB packs a higher resolution of 1920X1080 pixels and massive 403 PPI density while the 2GB packs a lower resolution as compared to 4GB, it comes with 1280X720 pixels and 267 PPI density which is also quite good as compared to other smartphones.

With a large screen of 5.5 Inch you probably need an HD display. To create more powerful, beautiful, better experience ASUS Zenfone2 works works great.

4. More Powerful 32 GB Storage :

Now a days, due to increase in Application and Games in Play store, one need huge storage capacity for smoother experience. ASUS Zenfone2 focus on larger 32 GB as compared to 16 GB. The larger the ROM the better it is, it will allow more downloading space, more media files, video clips, music etc. 32 GB storage capacity is more than enough for moderate users but those who are hardcore users who like to play more games can go for 64 GB micro SD Card.

5. NFC (Near Field Communication) :

NFC can give you amazing experience, We have tried in various places by such as : Home, Car and Offices. By tapping the phones to the tags, ASUS Zenfone2 adjusts it setting automatically. Like if we tap it at office, our device will go silent, data usage turned down and it automatically enables WIFI and get connected to Office network. Similarly when you tap it in Car, your WiFi will go OFF and Bluetooth and Data will turned on automatically.

Using ASUS Zenfone2 is really an amazing experience for me, and I am sure you will love it’s superb incredible features there are lot more features in it, just you need is to explore it down.

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