5 Proven Strategies to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Right

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Key brands will not stop using influencer marketing- at least, not anytime soon. Too much good has come out of the concept of influencer marketing for it to be ignored!

However, you might have gotten tired in your search for influencers, or gotten to a point where you simply have stopped believed in the efficacy of influencer marketing campaigns.

What do you do when you get to this point in your influencer marketing journey?

In this post, you’ll learn 5 specific proven strategies to help refurbish your influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Have You Created the Right Influencer Personas?

To maximize an influencer marketing campaign, you need to create the right influencer persona. While doing so, it is helpful to create these personas with your target audience in mind.

Follow closely, the demographics of your target buyers. Which influencers do they follow? Whose opinions do they respect? And which topics make them alive and active?

Creating an effective influencer persona might take some time and effort and of course, lots of analysis; but it is very helpful in making your brand stand out in the market. The right persona will make you pop as a brand!

As a matter of fact, what you expect to bring the highest ROIs on paper while planning a campaign, might not turn out to be so effective during your trial of influencer marketing personas. This then helps you to change your direction and boom, success!

2. Can Your Goals Be Tracked?

Influencer marketing campaigns are not effective without goals.

Trackable Goals

If you want to be able to measure the success of a campaign, be sure to decide early on, what metrics would be of value to you. you can then help influencers build the right content for your brand and implement effective strategies- which will then be tracked.

Some of these could be: making direct sales, an increase in sign-ups, registrations, and social engagements.

3. Does Your Campaign Allow for Creative Expression?

Yes, have goals by all means. Have a central campaign theme for your influencers to work with, but don’t stifle their creativity by giving them word-for-word instructions on what they should do while creating content. There’s a reason you’re working with them, and it’s because they have created value in their own spaces.

Since influencer marketing is really about garnering authentic followers for your brand who will be turned into buyers/consumers, you need to let your influencer(s) find a natural entry point into your brand.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

4. If You Have More than One Influencer, Create Healthy Competition

Competition spurs most of us to do better. We can say the same for influencers, and if you put this factor to good use, then you might be right on the brink of creating your brand’s best content yet!

You can stir up a challenge amongst your brand influencers, and encourage them by adding perhaps, a bonus payment to that of the influencer with the best metrics for a particular campaign.

It would amaze you to see how much better they would promote your brand and this will lead to a stronger campaign/better brand awareness for you!

5. Have You Considered Opt-in Influencers?

This is another angle at which you can view this brand influence thing: work with opt-in influencers as well. These people reach out to your brand because they are obviously enthusiastic about your brand.

As a result, they are more likely to pull an organic crowd of loving followers for your brand, than those whom you always have to reach out to.

You can make it easy for them to work with you by including a call to action at the footer of your website, through which these influencers can connect with you.

And these are the 5 proven strategies to tweak your marketing campaign and make it right!

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