5 Tips To Marketing Your Amazon Store

Amazon Store Marketing

If you’ve set up an Amazon seller account you’ll need smart tools to market your Amazon store and have products that you’re selling to potential customers, then you’ve got a good business going for you. To get more sales and achieve high profits, you need to have a good marketing plan for your Amazon store.

Here are 5 tips you can use to start marketing your Amazon store and make it more vibrant and productive:

1. Make Your SEO Better

In order for Amazon to rank your products well, it checks on your keywords within your product’s title. Product titles are limited to 500 characters where you should include as many relevant keywords relating to your product as possible. You can have the brand name, product line, description, size, the material used, color and quantity described in this field.

Amazon store SEO

You can make use of keyword tools to find good keywords for your products and know each keyword search volume. Using the right keywords for your products is a great way of marketing your Amazon store as this will help your products rank high within the search engine.

2. Get Customer Reviews On Your Store

Research has shown that a large number of consumers show great trust for online reviews on products. Reviews from customers with media such as audio, video or even images of the products are highly effective and are more likely to be trusted.

Most customers, however, never leave a feedback after purchasing products from your store. Using a software like Feedback Five that works well for Amazon merchants can help you maximize on getting positive feedback from buyers.

Amazon places a high value on feedback as it’s one of the main factors they put into consideration before ranking your products in the top positions. Work on getting more customer reviews on products on your Amazon store.

3. Give Discounts

One way to get conversions from potential buyers and get them coming back for more from your store is through giving discounts. Having daily deals with good discounts could get your products ranking top in their product category.


Discounts may even make your products appear on Amazon’s home page on the ‘New & Noteworthy’ as well as ‘Hot Deals’ categories which will result in huge amounts of traffic to your Amazon Store.

Your related products also get exposure from this, which gives customers the opportunity to see other products you have on offer and potentially make purchases. Discounts are a great way to market your Amazon store.

4. Use Sponsored Product Ads

If you’re aiming to have your products appear to as many people as they possibly can, then you can use Amazon Sponsored Product Ad. This is a Pay Per Click (PPC) model which gives you the provision to promote your products on search results and product detail pages. This way you’ll be able to market your Amazon store and get more traffic and sales.

5. Use External Marketing Sources

Article writing and blogs, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and sites such as Go Articles and Hubpages can be a great way to market your Amazon store. You can create content on your products then place links to them which leads people to your Amazon store where they can make purchases.


Marketing your Amazon store is a key factor to achieving the highest sales possible. Consider hiring an Amazon marketing consultant to help you with marketing your store and attain the best results.

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