5 Tips to Using Amazon Keywords for Ranking

Amazon Keyword Ranking

Amazon is one of the most renowned retail websites and having your product ranked high on their website is a sure way to obtain an increase in sales. There are many factors which go into product ranking that one needs to know.  To get ranked high on Amazon one has to understand how the Amazon ranking system works. Amazon keyword ranking tool is an effective way of getting your product highly ranked. Here are other useful tips to use in a keyword for high ranking.

1. Don’t keep repeating the keyword

When looking to get ranked high on Amazon using the amazon keywords it’s advised that one should avoid repeating keywords. This is because the keywords are only indexed once and repeating them several times does not help in any way. The more you repeat the keyword the more space that you waste.  The goal is to find the right keywords and place them strategically like in the header and other attributes.

2. Separate your Keywords

When writing your keywords it’s important that you do not bundle them together as most people believe that their page will rank high if they have all the search terms together. It is advised that you need to separate your key terms into different sentences. The reason for this is that Amazon ranking places equal emphasis on each of the sentences and thus dividing them puts your product in a better position.

3. Check Character limit

 Amazon has a specific character limit which they look for. According to their official website, the recommended character limit is 250 characters.  Exceeding the character limit will result in the rejection of your product entry and thus affecting your rank. Only Japanese products have been allowed a character limit of 500 characters.

4. Avoid Punctuation

The common mistake that most people make is the use of punctuation as a way of increasing the length of their keywords. Amazon official statement on this is that the spaces and punctuation in a keyword do not contribute to the length of the search term. This means that adding them will have no impact on the search term and can potentially affect the product ranking. It’s important that one avoid commas at all cost as they have the biggest impact on ranking.

5. Optimize the keywords continuously

The other common mistake that most sellers on Amazon make is that once they set their keywords they completely forget about them. Sellers on Amazon are advised to optimize their keywords from time to time basing it on their sales performance. However, the optimization should not be done too often, this is because it takes time for Amazon to index the keywords and you might change before it’s indexed. Sellers are advised to constantly monitor the keywords and optimize them at least one time in a month. This allows for Amazon to have indexed your keywords and if you do not like how they are indexed then you can optimize them further to get much better ranking.

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