5 Ways to Stretch Your Money Online

Make Money Online

One of the most freeing revolutions of the later 2010s has been the ability to make and save money in so many different ways, enhanced by the digital connectivity and scope the internet gives us. Savvy – mainly – millennials have been using their creativity and talent in order to perform side hustles and find new ways of not just making money, but of stretching it and ensuring that their online activities last longer and go further. So here are some ways in which the internet has helped facilitate the side hustle.

Digital Side Hustles for Creatives

Making money online is easier now than it ever has been. Sites such as Patreon allow users to create content and be paid by those interested in their work, by means of subscriptions. LiberaPay, BandCamp and Flattr also follow the same microtransaction method of paying content creators directly. It allows writers, artists and musicians to eschew the need to be backed by big industries. YouTube and Twitch also offer payment methods through partnerships with the site and advertisements for those who create content and bring in traffic.

The internet has also enabled us to begin selling things we have created ourselves. We have long sold our physical possessions over the internet but, by a similar means to the above, we can open online revenue streams even further. Etsy, for example, allows creatives without the power of large brands to peddle their merchandise and give potential fans a taste of what they might enjoy. You will likely have been creating your art anyway, so why not try to monetize it by selling to those who might want to pay for your talent? These schemes have certainly changed how people earn money and gain popularity in certain sectors.

The Influencer Method

Some people have courted the hearts and minds of thousands, others have a niche-but-dedicated following in a specific field. While not everyone can become a big-time influencer, you can still emulate some of the methods they use to make some extra money online. This includes offering discount codes for products by being a brand partner and can bring in some extra cash if you are particularly influential in a particular field, such as fitness, health or a particular hobby. Partnering for discounts and referral schemes also means you can save money where you were already planning to spend it.

Influencers also do promotions for various brands and while not everyone has the opportunity to get sponsorship from huge names, smaller brands and smaller influencers can partner up nicely in specific sponsored social media posts – they may go out to smaller audiences, but there’s a higher likelihood of a return on investment. It’s about learning that social media can be used to grow a personal brand and how that helps make or stretch money online.

Digital Improvements on Traditional Means

The CV is one of the first things that digital helped to improve, especially in terms of how it can be disseminated. CVs are vital in attaining jobs. By being able to use creativity and digital methods, such as portfolios and showreels, you can showcase talents that make you suitable for certain jobs, meaning you stand out more, showing off the skills you would bring to the job.

Digital means have even helped improve on traditional methods of moving money around. Many activities have moved online in recent years and betting is one example where digital has had an important effect. The accumulator in sports betting is particularly pertinent: allowing for a cumulative betting system which is dependent on successive game results and particularly common in football betting, it’s a complex system and one that might put off those who feel the time and risk (of error rather than of cash) outweighs the potential benefit. But online it can be easily calculated, allowing you to capitalize on what has the potential to be a lucrative and exciting betting experience.

Make Money Go Further

Voucher codes and online discounts are ideal for helping the hard-earned money you have made through your side hustle last further. Digital on-demand entertainment services often offer free trials, which you can cycle through to watch the content without committing to pay. Groupon is filled with deals for the things you would normally do anyway but for a lower price. Dozens of voucher code websites store codes for most online stores.

Before doing any shopping online, make sure to check whether a particular store has a discount voucher code running, which could help you to save money on what you would have bought anyway. There are plenty of coupon apps that reward you for buying certain products with discounts, so if you’re not particular about what you buy, you could end up saving with alternative purchases.

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Apps That Make You Money

A plethora of apps can help you make money, too. These include Sweatcoin, a digital pedometer with an altcoin system in place for microtransactions. Your steps are converted into an altcoin balance, which can be spent on a variety of brands that have wares for sale in the marketplace. This could be a good side earner if you are on your feet a lot and enjoy the products that are offered. Other apps, such as Swagbucks, SlideJoy and Ibotta, include ones which help you earn altcoins through placing ads on your phone screen. With no interaction required, this can make your commuting time very profitable.

There are countless ways to make extra money and stretch your existing money through side hustles online and it can really come down to what your talents are and how clever you are with them.

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