Master The Marketplace – 5 Ways To Maximise Your Earnings When Selling Unwanted Items Online

Selling Items Online on Marketplace

You’ve done a massive clean up and now it’s time to get rid of things that just don’t bring you pleasure anymore. You’ve thrown out everything that had to go, offloaded coveted items to friends, and now it’s time to sell what’s left. Sure, any profit is good profit, but you’re here because you want to maximize your earnings. So, read on to discover how to do exactly that:


Product Research for selling online

Your first step is to get an idea of what your old items are selling for brand-new. This is particularly important if you’re looking to upgrade with the profits from your sale as you’ll have a clearer idea of what your target earnings are. 

Note: We suggest researching and buying commonly sought-after items such as cookware online as this is where you’ll get the best deal, so these are the prices your offerings will be compared against. You can also do a search on eBay with a filter for ‘sold items’ to see what other people have been earning when selling similar things. 

Lighting And Angles

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you can charge for your items, it’s time to get them listed. Items with good imagery sell faster and with higher profit margins, so it’s worth doing a proper photoshoot

Make sure you have a neutral background that doesn’t detract from the item, showcase all key features (and any damage, if applicable, so you can’t get in trouble), and if you really want to make your images pop, add some text overlay that conveys vital information about the item. 

You can also throw in some lifestyle images or even a video of the product in use, if appropriate. All of these tips won’t help if you don’t have decent lighting and a good shooting angle though, so make sure you put effort into getting the basics right.

Mind Your Language

Sales language may work for brand-new products in some instances, but many companies are moving away from this type of lingo, which means you should too. List all the vital information clearly and concisely and then add an emotive description. This shows that the item has been loved and cared for while in your possession and helps the buyer form a connection with the product which will lead to them being willing to part with more cash in order to make it theirs.

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Time It Right

Right time to market product on marketplace

Got Christmas decorations you’re looking to offload? They’re probably going to perform best in November. Likewise, seasonal clothing will get you the most profit in the lead up to, and during, the appropriate weather. 

Don’t just list things wholesale because you can. We all know that shopping out of season in-store means lower prices, and buyers expect this when shopping second-hand as well. It may not seem that important, but holding off just a little can see a great increase in your profits.


Buyers are going to have questions, it’s just how the sales process works. Use these questions to your advantage by responding publicly. Not only does this show that you’re open to communication, but it also increases buyer trust and reduces the number of times you’ll have to answer the same questions.

Maximizing your earnings is important for many reasons, and easy enough to do, so there really isn’t any reason to accept less than what your items are worth when you’re selling them online. If you follow these tips and set realistic goals, you shouldn’t have a problem reaching your personal sales targets.

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