Top 6 Alternatives for Agile CRM: Small and Medium Sized Business Special

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In the world of CRM or Customer Relationship Management, there are a number of well-known platforms that combine marketing automation along with lead generation and nurturing as well as a number of tools and techniques that promote better reach and a complete coverage of the sales pipeline. Agile CRM is one of the best and foremost CRM platforms that has taken on consumers from the world over with a full suite of services. Yet, there has been a need for Agile CRM alternatives thanks to a few of its limitations as discussed here:

  • Time: When you engage in the Agile CRM setup, you will valise that you need an alternative to Agile CRMbecause of the rather time taking process which leaves you with many days and weeks spent in trying to get each feature activated. Such is the complex and time taking process. Also, once the setup begins to do its work, you will need to manually update and maintain the contacts for better management since information takes time to change. Such automation is not yet available on the platform which calls for alternatives to Agile CRM.
  • Marketing Automation: Now, the main context of any CRM platform would remain in its ability to cater to the need to integrate marketing automation within the system for a better fulfillment of all tasks along the sales pipeline. Yet, this is something that Agile CRM does not do very well since it does not have fully developed features when it comes to marketing automation.
Marketing Automation
  • Support: Agile CRM does not have constant support and help desks systems like some of the Agile CRM alternativesincluding Engage Bay would have. Not having constant and high quality support can greatly hinder the sales acceleration process.

So now, let us take a look at the 6 alternatives to Agile CRM and their reviews:

  • EngageBay: Now this platform would be the best alternative to Agile CRMfor a number of reasons. Not only is it more reasonably priced, but it is actually a breeze to setup and it also offers much better support on a constant basis so that you are never stuck in the middle of your day or your tasks. Further, the marketing automation along with the lead generation and various tools for management of all functions makes this one of the best alternatives to Agile CRM.
  • ConstantContact: This is an email marketing platform that covers the marketing automation spectrum, albeit merely from the email side of things. This is an average alternative to Agile CRM since it does not bring in much support and other functions like social media and more that has been offered by platforms like EngageBay.
  • GetResponse: This is one of the most well-known email marketing automation platforms that can also act as an alternative to Agile CRM, from the email marketing perspective alone. Get Response is also quite a well-known platform when it comes to email marketing and has been known ti cater to clients globally. Yet, the price points have left much to be desired.
  • Vtiger: This platform helps you with a solid training and support team for its limited features that mostly have to do with lead generation and lead nurturing via email marketing, which is only one side of the marketing automation narrative as a whole.
  • Convert Kit: If you are ready to bring in a more hands on approach and if you have a larger team that can handle such an approach, then the Convert Kit email marketing platform could be for you. It also offers a number of support features that make it a decent alternative to Agile CRM.
  • LeadSquared: If you are looking to drive reach and engagement with engaging content is brings people from emails or their social media to your website and then to a call for action that includes a purchase point, then you can use LeadSquared as an Agile CRM alternative. Yet, Lead Squared is known to basically deliver landing pages which is only one part of the digital marketing push that your small or medium business will require.

So finally, the reviews point to EngageBay as one of the foremost alternatives to Agile CRMthanks to the reasonable and competitive pricing as well as constant support when it comes to support and functionality.

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