6 Basic Office Supplies Every Business Needs

Basic Office Supplies

Now when your small business has become a little big and now you have your own office, its time to think about your office supplies to keep your business operation running smoothly.

Even in this Tech savvy world traditional office stationary can be very useful in today’s world. We are not going to include electronic equipments as its varies based on every business needs & investment. Your office stationery is one of the most essential part of your professional branding and image. So, it is very important to control the use of your stationery.

Today, in this article we are counting down the 6 basic types of essential office stationery every business needs, one by one. Here we go:

1. Desk Supplies

Starting with really basic supplies. We’re talking about pens, tape, highlighters, scissors, paper clips, a trash can, etc. — all these various things are sometime taken for granted, but all these desk supplies you’ll need for getting your work done. These will enable your employees to take notes, be creative etc.

2. Apps & Software

You might have high quality hardware & devices, regardless of these still you’re going to need few software to help in managing your business, and handle tasks like tracking payments, client invoices, scheduling appointments, maintaining website, monitoring your social media presence etc.

3. Paper

Office Paper

Another most important office supply you’ll need is a things to write and print on. Notebooks, notepads, sticky notes and blank papers for your printer. Along with paper & printer you need to have plenty of ink and toner so your pages don’t always stay blank.

4. Stationary & Mailing Supplies

When it comes time to send mail regarding invoices, Pay Checks or Payments, Promotional offers and other documents you’ll need something to send it in. Like stock up on envelopes (closed and window types, letter size and manila) and postage. You can order envelopes on bulk from www.bestbuyenvelopes.uk

5. Technology/ Tech-Savvy Equipments

You might have a powerful mobile, tablet, but you will still need a laptop or desktop to make your business operations easy. To perform advanced tasks & operations you will need a computer. Along with that your computer can be used for storing many important documents and backing up your mobile devices if you don’t feel comfortable with storing all your data in the cloud.

6. Office Furniture

Just ask few question to yourself, Where you will sit? Where you will keep your files? Whether you choose to completely furnish your office or just want a comfortable office chair and a functional desk, you’ll need office furniture to help you work more effectively.

It doesn’t matter what’s your business niche it may be Digital Marketing, Taxation, Supply Chain, Banking, Hospitality etc. Some office supplies are used by everyone. So, start with this list as these are the most basic office supplies and keep on growing.

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