6 Tools for Effective Social Media Marketing

Tools for social media marketing

The age of social media has changed the way marketers create and execute their strategies. Social has provided a platform for real-time, targeted marketing tactics to be used effectively. When compared to traditional print, media, and outdoor marketing, social offers a refreshing alternative that is cost-effective. Social campaigns reach more people in your niche and push your products and services right in front of their eyeballs.

Here are six tools you can use to get more out of your social media marketing.

#1 Automate Your Email Campaigns with MailChimp

Do you have an email campaign ready to go? MailChimp is the best free user solution for social media marketers. Build your list and send emails to up to 2,000 prospects in one email shot and send up to 12,000 emails a month. The paid plans open up a lot more functionality for this tool. MailChimp also integrates with your Instagram ads and gives you everything you need to automate your email and follow up process fully.

#2 Schedule Your content with Hootsuite

This free tool allows you to connect up to three social accounts to the platform for free. Schedule all of your content to your accounts and use the dashboard for an overview of the activity on your accounts. HootSuite is a must have, and while the free version is great when you are just getting started, a paid plan will be required to connect more social accounts.

#3 Manage Your Lists with Sprout Social

Sprout social is a complete social marketing tool, however; where it shines is in its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Sprout also features an analytics platform, scheduling, and multi-level access for marketing teams. Sprout excels in the fact that it is focused on creating and driving engagement, the core task of any social campaign.

#4 Get Automatic Google Analytics Reports with Quill Engage

Google Analytics has so much interesting and valuable information. However, it’s a lot of data to analyze. Quill Engage provides you with a simple report of your key data every week, giving you the metrics you need to analyze your growth and plan for the future.

#5 Bring Your Creativity to Life with Canva

Create custom content for your website, blog, and social accounts with Canva. Canva is a web-based design tool that is easy to use and produces some outstanding images. Canva comes with a suite of tools such as shapes, stickers, headers, custom fonts and colors. You are only limited by your imagination, use Canva to create content that captures eyeballs.

#6 Search for Viral Hashtags with Websta

Websta is another web-based tool that allows you to do hashtag research into the most viral hashtags circulating on your social platforms. Just type in keywords for your niche and watch as Websta pulls up trending results.

The Final Word

Delegation is key to successful social marketing. If you want to free your time to be able to do other things, then you can use services like house cleaning to take the responsibility off of your hands. The same can be said for social media marketing and these seven tools. Using these tools can help you put your brand and products in the view of your target audience. They save you time and money in your research allowing you to do more with your time and expand your efforts online.

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