7 Awesome iPhone Hacks to Up Your Social Media Game

iPhone Hack for Social Media Marketing

In the United States, about 78% of teens own an iPhone rather than an Android or other brand of phone.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who own an iPhone, you may be wondering what secret tips and tricks are out there to help make using your phone easier. 

Many people use their phones to manage their social media accounts, but there are also tips that can help make that easier as well. 

7 iPhone Hacks that will Increase Your Social Media Following

Looking to grow a bigger following on social media? Here are some iPhone hacks to help you simplify your screen time and improve your social media posting.

1. Charge Your Phone Faster

In order to run your social media accounts, you need to make sure that your phone has all of the battery life that it needs. 

Watching your phone die right before your eyes can be irritating, especially if you’re relying on it or trying to post something before a deadline hits. You don’t want to be live on social media and then have your phone die.

If you need to charge your phone, it’ll charge faster when it’s on Airplane Mode. This temporarily reduces all of the activity that runs in the background, like random notifications and a roaming GPS. 

This extra juice may not save everything, but every little bit can help. 

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2. Take Better Selfies

What is social media without posting some of your best selfies? With so many selfies and photos being posted on social media every day, you need to make sure that yours stands out.

Apple iPhone Hack 2021

The iPhone has a pretty powerful camera, so you know you’ll at least have good quality photos. But there are many other hidden tricks that can help your selfies get bombarded with likes. Let’s dive into the iPhone hacks for taking insane quality photos and videos with an iPhone camera.

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The Camera Focal Point

You may have noticed that when you use the camera, you can tap anywhere on the screen to adjust the camera’s focal point. However, if you’re taking multiple selfies to get the right one, it can get annoying.

Instead of tapping it every time, you can tap the screen, and then press and hold it for a second or two. 

Next, an “AF Locked” box will pop up. That means the focus is locked in, so you can move your camera without having to reset the focus again. Now you can twist and turn without having to lose the focus.

Hands-Free Selfies

On top of that, there is also a way to take selfies without having to press the camera button on your phone.

To get rid of the selfie arm, you can also take photos with your iPhone’s volume control buttons. If you have wired headphones that can plug into your phone, you can also take photos with the volume button on that as well. 

If you’re in video mode, you can use the middle button on your headphones to play or pause the video.


If you don’t have headphones to control your camera, there is also a timer option on the camera setting.

You can set it to go off and take a picture in 3 or 10 seconds. All you have to do is set it up, step back, and the photo will take for you. 

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3. Create Custom Vibration Notifications

If you manage a lot of social media accounts, you’re probably drowning in notifications that pop up on your phone. Some of them may not even be important.

To keep you from having to check your phone every time to see what notification it is, you can create custom vibrations to let you know which app is notifying you.

For example, you can even go into your Contacts page and make custom ringtones for people who normally call you. 

You can make your own vibration by hitting the Create New Vibration tool and then tap the screen to the beat of whatever you want. 

4. Save Time When Searching

If you need to find a link or website to add to your social media posts, you can also save time while searching.

To use a shortcut, try typing the web address into Safari. To save a few seconds, you can hold down the period icon.

This will bring up a list of common URL endings. For example, it might bring up something like .com, .gov, .edu, or even .ie. 

5. Close Multiple Apps at Once

If you’re using a lot of apps for your social media accounts, there’s an easy way to close them all down too. 

While you can use multi-finger gestures on web pages and pictures, you can also use it to declutter your iPhone.

To do this, you need to bring up the multitasking menu by clicking the home button twice. Then, use three fingers to drag the pages up and clear them out.  This is one of the most important iPhone hacks when it comes to saving your iPhone’s battery life.

6. Set a Timer for Music

While you’re working on creating content for your social media accounts, you may end up having music playing in the background.

If you normally forget to turn it off, you may want to set a timer for it to go off.

To do this, go to Clock and then go to Timer. You can press “When Timer Ends” and there should be an option to stop playing music. This way you will also save battery. 

7. Add More Apps to Home Row

Lastly, with all kinds of social media apps, you may want to add more of them to the bottom home row.

The default option is four, but you can actually add up to six in there. You can also switch the apps in and out to customize it for you. 

Discover More iPhone Hacks Today!

These are only a few iPhone hacks out there, but there are many more. 

Make sure you do your research to ensure that you are getting the most time out of your social media managing.

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