7 Critical Construction Resources You Need For a Successful Project

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You are going to fail with your construction project if any of these vital elements are missing from your project management strategy. Whether you are managing a multi-billion dollar complex project or merely overseeing a little under ten thousand dollar project, you need these resources and if for whatever reason, provisions are not adequately made for any of them – know you’ve set yourself up for failure.

Now you may be wondering what resources are you talking about?

At the core of the construction industry lies the 5-Ms plus S requirements for successful project completion and handover – Manpower, Materials, Machinery, Money, Management plus Space. Each of these resources must be present – not just being available but must be accessible and in sufficient quantity – for smooth, on-time delivery of project deliverables. As for waste space, you could just hire a waste disposal company like Eagle Dumpster Rental to dispose of all the waste that needs to be sent where it is needed, rather than leaving it on-site and cause a disturbance.

Let us take a look at each of the resource:


No matter what kind of project you’re handling, you need materials – and each project requires different materials. For example in an erosion control project, you will need to build massive drainages and gabion wall to reinforce the concrete which requires different material compared to when you’re handling road construction in an arid environment.

Critical Construction in 2021

It is essential also to consider the storage, distribution, and handling of construction materials – to avoid the unpleasant effect of no material or late arrival of materials to construction sites.


Manpower or the human resource is the people element in this equation. It includes all the individuals involved with a project. Whether it is the unskilled site assistants and artisans, or the skilled Engineers, Surveyors, Technicians, and Supervisors all of them fall within the manpower resource.

A shortfall in the workforce could expose other workers to danger, over-working and ultimately slowing down the pace of construction.


There are tasks during construction that require the input of large machines, and if by oversight provisions were not made for them, the construction work could be at risk of being delayed.

Choosing the appropriate machinery for each task is also critical to the unruffled progress of work on sites.


This particular resource is the oil that lubricates the wheel of every other construction needs. The availability of capital or finance enables the project managers to hire and acquire additional resources needed for the project.

Hence, even before the first shovel is lifted on the construction site, funding sources would have been secured.

To maintain a positive cash flow during the life cycle of the project, project managers and other stakeholders usually project cost estimates while factoring in other variables that could shot the cost of the project up.


Management is the resource that ties everything together. From the planning stage to gathering together of other resources, to directing, monitoring, and supervising every aspect of the project this resource acts as the string that pulls things together to achieve the set goals.


Every construction project requires adequate space for an efficient running of the project. You’d need a storage space, parking space, workshop, restrooms and so forth.

Space also impacts construction work in other ways. For example, if the store for materials is not onsite, there will always be a time lag between transporting the construction materials to the site and when the actual work will start.

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