8 Apple Products That Shook The World Of Tech For 2015

8 Apple Products 2015

It has been more than 8 years after changing the way we use our smartphones, Again Apple has change the way we use touchscreens with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and its 3D touch technology. Those who have already watch the live event, would know it very well that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were not the major product Apple unveiled at the launch event. There were around 7,000 people in the launch event, in front of whom Apple has unveiled 8 products that will make 2015 the most exciting year, Have a look What Apple has unveiled at the launch.

8 Apple Products of 2015 – That Will Shook the World of Tech

Here are the list of 8 Apple Products which will shook the world of tech :

1) iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus :

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S and 6S plus will run on more faster quad-core chipset – A9 chipset & M9 motion coprocessor. In Apple iPhone 6 rear camera is of 8 MP and front camera is of 1.2 MP while in 6S and 6S Plus it has been improved to 12 MP and 5 MP.

Not only that iPhone will now available in more colors like Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Space grey and also it will be made of strongest glass cover in the world. New iPhones will start at $199 with a contract of 2 years.

Apple new smartphones features 3D touch integrated display panels so that screen can identify difference between two types of taps. iPhone 6S has 4.7″ retina display while iPhone 6S Plus has 5.5″ retina display, they both can shoot rich 4K videos. On the camera app, it will allow you take selfies, and the new TouchID sensor has became faster in recognizing your fingerprint.

Pre Orders of the phone begin on Sept 12 while they will be available from Sept 25.

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2. iPad Pro, It has the Biggest Screen of any iOS device :

iPad Pro 2015

As usual previous iPad edition will get cheaper after the launch of new iPad Pro which has the biggest screen of any of iOS device also it has more power than any other iOS devices. iPad mini 2 has been dropped to $269 when iPad Pro which has 12.9″ screen sees the light of the launch day, it has more pixels than any other device i.e of 5.6 pixels. It is fastest among other with A9X chipset which is 1.8 times faster then previous one. It has two speakers in top edge and two speakers in the bottom edge.

Other iPad Pro Features :

  • 10 Hour Battery life
  • Weigh 1.57 lbs
  • Shipping start this November
  • 32 GB – $799
  • 64 GB – $949
  • 128 GB – $1079

3. Also Apple has released Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro :

Smart keyboard has also been released by Apple for iPad Pro which will cost around $169.

4. New iPad Pro Accessory : $99 Apple Pencil :

Apple Pencil, iPencil 2015

Steve Jobs had said: If you see a stylus, they blew it.”  Times have changed, and Apple Pencil is “re-engineering the touch system to measure both finger and stylus input with maximum accuracy”.

On the launch night Apple has shown the pencil with a video of calligraphy with the Apple pencil, which you can use while you use your fingers on the iPad.

Cost : $99

5. iPad mini 4 :

iPad mini 4 has the same power as iPad Pro but with smaller screen, this device was hardly mentioned by Tim Cook . It will cost around $399.

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6. Apple TV :

Apple TV 2015

The new device Apple TV is integrated with Siri, which allow users to search for movies, show genre, TV titles. Not only that it also features a full app store that give consumers access to games and TV apps as well as it has its own TvOS. Also there is lot of focus on voice control, to the point where you can tell TV “Show me movies, Only the new ones”.

Glass touchscreen remote is great, I should say awesome for gaming.

The new version of Apple TV, which has been redesigned to focus on content will come with new Bluetooth remote featuring an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Siri will now be able to search Apple TV for content on iTunes, Netflix Inc., Hulu and other apps on the new interface, Apple said.

Feature of Apple TV which I liked :

You can even ask it: “What did she say?”, and Siri will skip back 15 seconds to the previous line. Or you can use voice. “Skip ahead 7 minutes”, she says. AppleTV reacts accordingly.

7. iOS 9

Apple revealed many features of iOS 9 on the launch this year 2015, which will be available soon. As developer has done quite hard this time, it will not take much of your storage as in previous iOS 8 it take around 4.7 GB of storage space while iOS 9 will take not more than 1.3 GB. Some key features of iOS 9 are :

  • iPad multi tasking
  • easier app switching
  • Improved Spotlight search
  • New Apple Pay feature
  • A News App
  • Increase in Battery life
  • Better notes App
  • Transit data for Apple Maps

iOS 9 will be available from Sept 16, rolling out in almost 130+ countries.

8. The Apple Watch – New Apps OnBoard!

New Apple Watch 2015

Apple Watch already supports, 10000+ apps and yet many apps yet to come like Facebook messenger, A medical app to quickly scroll. The medical app won some applause – it allows expecting mothers to listen their baby’s heart rate with ‘belly monitors’ and send data from her watch to her doctor.

Not only this apps but people are using Apple watch as a Fashion Accessories. Apple is adding a classic luxury watch design flourish – rose gold and gold finishes, to the watch, as well as sportier elements – new sports bands: pink, brown, blues, and course reds – just in time for the festive seasons.

Let me know, what you think about this 8 Apple Products of 2015 which will shook the tech world. Please help us reach more by sharing it with your friends. Thanks!


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