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8 Things Most Successful eCommerce Websites Have

8 Things Most Successful eCommerce Websites Have

Now a days eCommerce websites are growing rapidly in India, so one can easily understand how tough is to in this competition. But you and your eCommerce store can easily survive and can make huge profit if you can provide value to your customer. If you don’t know how to provide best value, then you should learn from the best who are providing value.

I have written this post after analyzing numerous number of successful eCommerce websites. You can learn many things which you can use for A/B testing for your eCommerce store. There are many working strategies the best eCommerce store has implemented and working really good. So here we go :

8 Things Most Successful eCommerce Websites Have

8 things that you should try to consider on your eCommerce store :

1. Create Urgency :

Urgency it is one of the thing which is used by most of the successful eCommerce store, it creates the need for shopper to make decision sooner. Seeing the deal is going to last for few days will force the shopper to make purchase instantly rather then waiting or leaving the site for later purchase.

You can create urgency in various numbers of ways like by showing number of products left (Amazon), showing a countdown clock or advertising the final day of sale on social media etc.

It is one of the great way to increase Sale Rate with respect to views.

2. Recommend Products :

It is another key factor that most of the successful eCommerce stores use. By recommending other products to buyers, may find something that they are more likely to make purchase and add more product to their cart as from recommended products.

This is one of the great way to create better experience for shopper and allowing customers to browser from the products they are exactly looking for.

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3. Upfront about Shipping :

Major barrier that keep roaming over shoppers mind is that they don’t know about shipping policies, cost and expected delivery time. By being clear about shipping is the best way to overcome this barrier and increase sale.

By being upfront about shipping also acts as best opportunity to increase your average value order, many top eCommerce store is using this tactic, they offer free shipping over purchase of certain fixed amount.

For example : On JimmyJazz Homepage, it is clear that shoppers have to pay $7.95 on shipping so they browse around freely and make purchase.

JimmyJazz Homepage

4. Clean & Easy to Navigate Design

Simplicity is the key to success, making it easy for shoppers to navigate and having a minimalist approach to website can really put a lot more value for your customer in your eCommerce Store.

It has been scientifically proofed that simple websites are far more better, if you make it easy for shoppers what they are looking for then chances of making purchase increased by 80%. Keep your homepage short and sweet and provide easy navigation to the product areas.

5. Personalize Shoppers Experience

You can increase overall experience of your site if you target shoppers experience. There are various way you can do this through localization, remembering their name and other personal information and understanding their customer journey.

Sephora is the eCommerce store which is using this tactic to get more connected among their customer.

6. Highlights Sales & Discounts

Even though product price is not the major factor which influence buyers to make buying decision, but it actually plays an important role to drive more users and keep them on your site.

By Seeing 50% OFF or Huge Sale this kind of event bring buyers to browse your site, which finally led buyers to make some purchase. We all know about Flipkart they used to use this tactic to attract shoppers to browser their site.

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7. Show Customer Reviews

Every Buyer before making purchase want to know what other customer thinks. I guess you know about mouth marketing, this is one of the oldest form of marketing and the most effective one. That’s why you may find various eCommerce stores have customer review panel, testimonials etc which put strong impact on other customers.

8. Timely & Seasonal

Having regular website update is necessary, and most of us don’t know how to update an eCommerce store. But there is a way which many popular eCommerce stores cashing on. They change the main focus of homepage, to represent the time of year like any festival, season etc.

This thing let you directly speak to your audience and by this your buyers can easily relate too. It puts people to decide what thing they should shop for.

To make it sure that your audience get the best experience on your eCommerce store, then it is important that your site should remain up to date with new strategies and market trend. By understanding what most successful eCommerce is doing, you can learn their tactics and apply it on your store.

Let me know what you think about this article does it help your eCommerce store get better result or not. Don’t forget to share it with your audience.

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