9 Things I learned From “How i Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a Million Dollar Company “

How i braved Anu Aunty and Co founded a Million Dollar company

I guess many of you might have read this book “How i Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company“. This is the 1st book or i should say novel which i had read completely without skipping even a single page in my lifetime. I am very inspired after reading this book and now started working on my 1st ever startup. Sorry i should say my 2nd startup business, because my very 1st business was started when i was in 8th standard, i used to complete drawing copies of my friends and in return i used to bribe money for that little work. Coming to the point Today i will tell you about 10 things that i have learned from this book “How i braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a million Dollar Company“. But before that i would give you a short review about this book for those who have not yet read it.

Book Review : How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded A Million Dollar Company

This book is totally based on true story which is set in Bangalore, it is all about entrepreneurship and importance of pursuing our own dream rather than listening to society. In India most of the student generally go blindly for Engineering or MBBS Why ? because their parent has forced them to it for getting job. Varun Agrawal who was in his 20’s with entrepreneurial dreams but finding it very difficult to pursue his dreams, due to society. I should not say society but Anu Aunty she was the biggest threat to varun’s entrepreneurial dreams. But Varun is not one of them cowards he ran towards his dreams and finally achieved it. In this book you will read everything How Varun and his friend got the idea after a number of Alcoholic conversation, What are the problems they have faced initially, How they overcame this problem and later established Merchandising Company called Alma Mater that creates Customized clothing’s and accessories for Alumni Schools & Colleges across India.

This book was written in first person, and run around some characters like Varun and his friends and the villain of the Story Anu Aunty. Go read it here.

 How i braved Anu Aunty and Co founded a Million Dollar company

9 Things I learned from “How i Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company”

1. Not to Share My Idea about Business with Family :-

It is one of the 1st thing which i learned from this book, not to tell what is going on my mind about business even with our father or uncle. If you tell they will surely say not to do this, you will fail here, this idea will not work and bla bla bla…! If you had an idea go ahead with it, start pursing your dream and forget consequences, everything will be fine in the end.

2. Not to think too much :-

I will never think too much because it will led me no where except thinking and thinking, even if i can achieve something i will not be able to as i will think about it consequences like How am going to make profit? Whether plan will work or not ? i will just do it, if i fail i will learn something if not then surely i will earn something.

3. Develop Observation Powers :-

It is one of the most important thing we need to develop in our self to establish and run any startup business successfully. If you will read the book you will find How Varun (Entrepreneur) learned negotiation from his mom only. Even there was another incident how he had saved his million dollar company during fight with his friend known as (Mal).

4.  Promote Yourself Shamelessly :-

If you want to sell your any new product, just promote it shamelessly because it is your product no one know what is good and what is bad in it. So you have to tell the audience you have to increase your reach whether it is on Social media or in real life. There is an incident on how varun was increasing sale via Facebook.

5. Build More Connections :-

Building more connection will help you know many things that you even can’t imagine. You can get more ideas what others are doing and how they do it. If you see when Varun and his friend failed to find good manufacturer for their alumni hoodies, Mal father told them to visit tripura to get one best one. There are many more incident like it just go and read it.

6. Put all Savings on Startup :-

If you are really passionate and dedicated to your startup business ideas just put all your savings over it, whether you are saving it to buy any Car, bike or anything because you will need it. You might have to take loan to invest on your startup. So i would say “Dude, if you had not started saving money, start it today only”.

7. Interact With Customers :-

Interacting with customers will help you know so many things that you should know, you can ask your customers How they feel about your product, what services they would like to see, how can they improve, how they get to know about your company so that you can make some changes in your marketing strategy to increase it reach.

8. Get an E-Commerce Site developed :-

As India is developing very quickly, it is the clear signal that business of eCommerce site will goes on increase in future, so getting an perfect well developed eCommerce website is very necessary now a days.

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9. Don’t ever lose hope :-

Don’t ever lose hope because life is a journey of happiness and sorrow, sometime you feel down and sometimes you will feel very excited. Just go with your dreams and achieve it don’t listen what others say about you.

So these was all about i learned from this book “How i braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar company“, if you have learned something more let me know about it via comments i would love to add it up in this post. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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