Adbuff Review: Is It a Good Adsense Alternative Ad Network?

adbuff review

As modern world is going digital day by day, almost every business is trying to come online and start taking the benefit of it. The majority of this business is new to this field, so they choose online advertising in order to grow there business rapidly. It is the vital reason that advertising has became an integral part of marketing domain.

When it comes to advertising, online advertisement can never be ignored. By realizing it’s importance many of the companies have taken it on shoulder to serve advertisment on behalf of businesses. One among them is Adbuff, it is a CPM based ad network.

Introduction to Adbuff

Adbuff is an amazing ad network and can be a best adsense alternative who pays really well. Adbuff is a ad network for mobile and web channels with many unique features, capability, expertise and huge experience in revenue maximization for both Publishers & Advertisers. One thing which I like most about Adbuff is that they are using the latest best technology for its ad server which in return increasing the reach of advertisers. Due to the best servers, they are also delivering maximum benefits to publishers as well.

How is Adbuff a good network for Publishers to join?

  • Detailed stats are offered, so that you can monitor everything
  • Adbuff ad network offer high eCPM rate.
  • It pays of NET 45 basis, that means that each payment cycle lasts 1 month and the payment is issued 45 days after the end of a period.

How to Register for Adbuff?

If you ever had applied for Google Adsense or Media.net, then you know how hard it is to get approval for any site. One has to wait for there approval, after that only you can start earning from those ad networks.

But still most of the time after doing that much of time consuming hard work, they reject your approval application. With adbuff there is no such problem, any one can join it by Signing Up and adding there website. They too have manual website check option to ensure that your site should be of good quality. Once it is approved you can start making money by placing ad units.

You get $25 initial credit for Sign Up, So why are you waiting for click below to sign up right now.

SignUp Right Now

What are the Advantage of Joining Adbuff? (Adbuff Review)

adbuff review features

Timely Payment: This is indeed something that a publisher worries about the most. This network however always manages to pay on time and the payment is on NET 45 basis as explained above.

Variety of Payment Methods: They offer variety of payment mode for the convenience of publishers. They release payment via PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfer.

High Fill Rates: This ad network has a higher fill rate in comparison to other networks such as PopAds, Popcash and Adsterra.

Real Time Dashboard: You get instant access to your statistics live as there stats are updated every second, so you can make informed decisions in real time.

Detailed Reports: There dashboard itself would be able to provide you all sorts of statistics about your ad tags and the revenue generated from them. If that is not enough, you can access a detailed report from the publisher panel after logging into your profile.

Dedicated Account Managers: Every publisher gets a dedicated account manager to review their ad performance and see where we can optimize.

No Minimum Traffic Requirement: Adbuff puts no requirement on the traffic criteria. Any publisher, regardless of being driving huge or low traffic to his/her site can join and get approved in this network.

Friendly Support: They have a very friendly support staff who are always ready to help you in every matter related to your site and its monetization methods/problems.

If you are not getting approval for Google Adsense, you can try this alternative and start making money from CPM based ad network i.e Adbuff. You will be getting $25 bonus credit in your account for signing up. So Join Adbuff right now!!!

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