Adcash Review: Monetize Your Traffic & Maximize Your Earnings

Adcash Review

Blogs are a useful way to increase your monthly income. Each one of us who has ever created a blog wishes to earn few bucks by providing the readers with good quality content they want to see. But how many of the blog writers would have actually thought about the best possible ways to increase the money flow from your blog? The blog writers can improve their blog earnings by following a number of ways. The best method you can follow is by creating an ad network around your blog. The Google Adsense is the de-facto leader in his field of industry but most users and writers have alleged Google to be very strict in their dealings. This has made most bloggers to search for an alternate source. AdCash is one such alternate source which provides you with an ad network to help you earn good amount of money from their blog.

AdCash: The Introduction

The AdCash organization was started almost a decade ago in 2007 and currently, it is able to serve over a billion ads each month with a daily user reach of around 200 million users. These data and good quality service have enabled AdCash to successfully emerge as one of the top ad CPM networks across the internet. The AdCash network is running in 196 countries around the world and has an affiliation with over 150k publishers with 3500 ad campaigns running actively throughout their blogs. The AdCash support team consists of around 100 employees but they work hard day and night to look after the queries and issues faced by the advertisers and bloggers and respond to them at the earliest.

The AdCash network is based in the country of Estonia and continuously thrives to improve their algorithms and model to help maximize the publisher’s earning opportunities. The AdCash organization uses the dynamic CPM optimization to make sure that the ad inventory you encounter is relevant to the search traffic across the internet. The organization also allows the publishers many different ways to self-control how the ads are served on their site.

AdCash Publishers Requirements

All the publishers who are looking forward to joining the AdCash program and monetizing your blog with the CPM ads must register for their publisher program. This program has no minimum requirement for the page’s traffic neither any bounds on the language of your blog. Although, the organizations have not allowed Pornographic sites or other sites with some fishing content to affiliate with them. It is always better to read all the terms before you apply for the AdCash publisher program.

AdCash Advertisers Requirements

As useful as it to the publishers, AdCash is also quite handy for the advertisers. This ad network helps the advertisers to reach potential new and desired customers in very small time involving a mere investment upfront. The ads from the advertisers are displayed according to the CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL or CPV basis. The AdCash network currently has over 150K publishers providing their advertisements for different blogs and sites.

AdCash: Different Ad Formats

AdCash provides a number of different ad formats which provides the publishers with a number of different options to implement the ads according to their viewing. All the different ad formats which are currently offered by AdCash for the desktop site are listed below:

  • Banner: A publisher gets a number of different banner sizes to choose and display on their website. These banner are available in the following sizes – 250×250, 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, 336×280, & 160×600.
  • Footer: The AdCash also provides the publishers to implement footer ads with a resolution of 728×90 on their sites. It sticks to the bottom-end of your site and provides the best possible results to the publishers. This ad will continuously move as the visitor keeps scrolling down across the publisher’s blog and helps in further improving the CTR.
  • Interstitials: This ad overlaps your site and is about 800×600 in size. This ad helps in generating more revenue compared to other ads because this is the first thing a viewer will see when he opens your site.
  • Background: The background ads are quite impressive and will adapt to your site layout without any problem and help contribute to improving your blog’s CTR. You can place these ads on the blank spaces across the sidebar or header. The header ads are usually 2000×150 in size whereas the sidebar ads can be a max up to 340×770 in size.
  • Site-Under: The Site-Under ads are among the best performing ads for desktop and mobile sites alike. This ad is similar to the landing page. Whenever a user opens your site, he/she will be redirected to another tab where the ad will be showcased.
  • Slide-In: The Slide-In ad network provides a number of ads which usually slide into the screens from the sides to grab the attention of the users.

While AdCash offers a number of ad formats for the desktop site, the number of ad formats available to the mobile website are also not small nonetheless. These include:

  • In-App Interstitial: This ad format help displays the ads on the site’s screen (either vertically or horizontally) and helps you in generating good CTR.
  • In-App Footer: These ads are very similar to the footer ads from the desktop website. Usually, these ads are found at the bottom of your mobile screen and will float in a downward direction as the user scrolls down the blog.

The AdCash network also offers the publishers to add ads as a video. Currently, there are only a few ad networks which offer video ads for desktop or mobile sites but still, a publisher can make effective use of this AdCash feature to increase the monetary income from their sites.

Adcash Review

Ultimate Features Provided by AdCash Ad Network

The AdCash network provides the users with a number of some high-quality features. These include:

  • Dashboard: You get a complete dashboard to help you track all the important details about different ad units along with payments information. This AdCash dashboard is available in 8 different languages.
  • Multilingual Site: The AdCash site is available in 8 different most-spoken languages. These languages are Spanish, Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese.
  • Reporting: The dashboard also provides you with a unique ‘Reports’ section which helps you keep an eye on the real-time stats about your site. You can also even get these statistics emailed to you if you want.
  • Customer Support: The AdCash network provides you with a dedicated manager to help you in solving your problems as soon as you are approved and added to their network. Also, the network’s support staff usually replies back to all your queries within the next 12 hours of the time you lodged your complaint.
  • Payments: The AdCash network follows NET-30 payment terms. It provides you with a number of options to withdraw your payments. You can easily do so with the help of a number of payment portals including PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and Payoneer. You can withdraw the money once it is over 100 Euros.

Final Thoughts

While Google is the top-dog in the industry, AdCash is an upcoming interesting ad network that is providing a decent competition to the AdSense and helps provides decent opportunities to the bloggers to monetize their sites and blog and earn few extra bucks. Also, the AdCash network provides equal opportunity for the Advertisers to target different audiences to promote their ads. Overall, AdCash has managed to create one of the best CPM based ad networks which will be quite handy to both the publisher and the advertiser

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