Why to Have Gravatar for Creating an Active Blogging Community

How to have a Gravatar

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Many of us didn’t know Gravatar plays an important role in creating an active blogging community. When i was new to blogging even i didn’t know about it. But one day i dropped a comment on Harleena Singh from Aha-Now and she replied back and told me to have a image using gravatar. Do you know why she told me ? I will tell you before that i will like to give you a brief detail about it.

How to have a Gravatar

What is Gravatar

Mainly Gravatar should be written as “GRavatar” as it stand for Globally Recognized Avatar. It is globally recognized as millions i should say billions of bloggers use it. One of the most popular blogging platform WordPress has an in-built support for gravatar. Whenever any reader leaves a comment with an email on that site (Recommend it support Gravatar), then it pulls their Globally recognized Avatar (image) from server of Gravatar. Then the image which was associated with that email will come up. This thing help all the commentator to have their identity throughout the blogosphere.

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Why Should You Add Gravatar

If you want to get an idetified by the whole world then you have to give 1st priority to Gravatar. Even if you are non-profit, small business or blogger who want to create or build brand identity, you need to have Gravatar. Suppose you read many number of blog and drop comments, at the beginning your gravatar will not grab much attention but as the same reader will find your image on various blogs, website forums he/she will not be able to stop they will probably visit your blog. As I am a Publisher it help me to  easily identify my real readers. When i check my spam comment box i can easily distinguish genuine comments with the help of Gravatars.

As a active Commentator, i have featured on many blogs and blogging community who are using an widget to show “Most Active Commentator”. This not only help me to get identified by other easily but it also help me to drive some targeted traffic to my blog.

Here is the Answer of Above Question Why Harleena Singh told me to have an Gravatar ?

She told me to have an Gravatar so that she can recognize me easily, whenever i drop any comments , this will help her to identify my comments and seprate it out from spam comments.

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What was the impact on my mind after this ?

When i had seen she replied back to my comment i thought if she is telling me to have an gravatar. Then really i should have it if she recognize me easily then i can ask and clear my doubt easily on social media about blogging, which has proved true for me not only Harleena recognize me but Enstine Muki, Imran Uddin, Iftekhar Ahmed and Paul they all know me very well.

How to get an Gravatar

Don’t worry it is free of cost. Follow this points to have an Gravatar :

  1. First visit Gravatar.com
  2. Then Sign In using your WordPress email which you mostly use to drop comment.
  3. Add an Avatar of yourself this should be an image of you, logo of your company or anything.
  4. And it’s done. Chances are very rare that you will change your avatar, So it is like Set  and Forget. 

Now a days every WordPress theme comes up with Gravatar integrated comments. If your theme doesn’t support then you should give an important attention on it.

Now i guess you all are ready to build an active blogging community but this is not complete article on building blogger community but there is one more thing i will tell it later in future.

So What do you think? From Now you will have Gravatar or Not ? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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