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AdNow Partners with AdVault.io to give better Affiliate Marketing Experiences

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When a great ad network and brilliant strategies collaborate, advertising and monetization becomes much more easy and profitable for affiliate marketers. It was a myth till now until AdNow and AdVault.io decide to become one. AdNow is one of the leading native ad networks, while AdVault.io is known for its “Spy” tool and best strategies. This will make advertising and monetizing more effective for affiliate marketers now.

Mr. Vladimir Bashkin (Business Development Director) from AdNow said “It’s a dream come true for every affiliate marketer out there. The new collaboration opens many new avenues for AdNow users with the industry leading service, AdVault.io.”

Before I tell you what this collaboration has to offer you, I would like to give a brief introduction about both AdNow and AdVault.io. Let’s have a look:

What is AdNow?

AdNow is a leading ad network with over 150,000 publishers in 107+ nations. With 1,700+ advertisers in it, it AdNow generates over 140 million impressions/day are generated. Every month it generates more than 4.2 billion ad impressions/day, making it the ad network which no one can ignore.

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AdNow is known mostly as fastest growing native ad network, which allows monetization of any website or blog just by placing a widget to which rotate teaser ad. Basically this is known as Best Native ad network. It is profitable and powerful network for publishers. Publishers can generate revenues from both websites& mobile apps, and the profits keeps on growing. Thanks to AdNow’s strategy that helps advertisers to build next level of content reach, AdVault.io being one of the latest to be added to it.

How AdNow Helps Publishers & Advertisers?

Some of the main features and benefits of using this network include quick setup, weekly payouts, generate more revenue using same ad unit, easy workflow, safe and effective ads.

AdNow is not only profitable for publisher but also it is one among the best for advertisers as well. It helps advertisers generate targeted audience from their niches which ranges from beauty, household, gardening to ecommerce almost everything. AdNow is among the most efficient self-serving native ads targeting platform out there. Some of its main features include advanced targeting, geo targeting, and carrier targeting.

What is AdVault.io?


AdVault.io is a spy service which is basically created to take best strategies from other advertising campaigns. It offers various features and metrics which helps marketers in getting access to millions of adverts and find the most effective ones so that they can also create profitable campaigns.

It allows users to copy native ad campaigns using its proven metrics like Ad Strength, Ad Run and how many times ad has been seen (Times Seen). Users will be able to get information about landing pages, ads and funnels that convert best for targeted geographies.

What does this Collaboration Offer?

Can you imagine when both of these ad network and Spy tool combine? Can you imagine the power of both of these platforms all together?

If it is yes, I can say that you are excited after the reading above two questions.
So the good news for you is that AdNow and AdVault.io is going to tie up with each other. From now onward every AdNow user will be given a special bonus in AdVault.io longer trials and services at lesser price.

Similarly, every affiliate marketer who will sign up for AdNow will get bonus at some special conditions. While there first investment will be rewarded with bonus up to $1500! Which is a great way to try out the new network with 100% guaranteed profit.

My Views on this Announcement

Collaboration between AdNow who have 4.2 billion monthly impressions and AdVault.io – the best comprehensive ad campaign strategy provider will generate massive profits and huge revenue for advertisers, publishers and affiliate marketers.

Both Publishers and Advertisers stand to win big with this new collaboration, not only that but it will be cost-saving as well. Both these platforms have huge potential for future benefits and growth.

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