AdNow Review: Start Monetizing Your Traffic with Native Ads

adnow review native ad network

Biggest challenge for any blogger, content marketer or webmaster face is driving traffic and monetizing it. I am pretty sure that you all agree with me, your growth in online community depends on how much traffic you are driving and how much money you are making.

The problem arises when you want both traffic and monetization. To increase traffic one had to reduce the ads on webpages in order to serve better to visitors. If you will use many unnecessary ads, surely visitors will get annoyed and they are less likely to come back.

So what is the solution now? Native Advertisement…

What is Native Advertisement?

Native Advertisement is the most happening thing in digital world, It is the biggest advertising trend nowadays. The best part is that it attracts more visitors as compared to old banner ads. Traditional banner average CTR is around 0.17% while Modern native ad average CTR is around 0.26%. For advertiser native ads have proved to be the best among all kind of ad types, as they get high CTR as well as conversions.

In other words, Native Ads is a paid media ad placement in your blog, website or within content and it is made to look & feel like the main content. They cover Content discovery, Product recommendation and Effective advertising with attractive placement.

native ad example buzzfeed

Native ads widget appears as a series of square shaped box and titles that link to other article and content on the internet. Since they look same as main content, it is a Win-Win situation for everyone You, Your Blog Visitors & Advertiser.

Global indicators have predicted, that by 2021 the share of native advertising in the total amount of revenues from display advertising will be 74 % (by BI Intelligence forecasts) in the US.

Introduction to AdNow

adnow review native ads

AdNow is one of the fastest growing native advertising network in the advertising space. It serves more than 4.2 billion impressions/month on both desktop as well as mobile. AdNow works with 190,000+ partners in 107 countriesIt allow publishers to monetize their blogs by placing customized widgets. Publishers of AdNow seriously loves the level of control over the look, feel and size of widget. You can control everything from no. of creatives in each row/column, size of thumbnail, font size etc.

Why Publishers should Join AdNow?

adnow publisher benefit

There are many benefits to publishers, these benefits are the reason that they have 190,000+ partners and growing rapidly as compared to others. Several benefits provided to publishers are:

  • Weekly Payout starting as low as $20 and paid via PayPal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer.
  • All ads are moderated and goes through security check, so you can remain care free.
  • There is no code conflict with other ad system, which means you can use other ad network with AdNow.
  • Each publisher get personal account manager with local language support.
  • Quick & hassle free setup process.
  • Average CTR is of 1.15% hence more money 🙂
  • Global Coverage(107+ countries and still growing)
  •  One can track revenue and performance on real time from dashboard.
  • Full authority to ad widget customization.

How to Use AdNow?

First of all you have to Sign Up for publisher account at AdNow, after which you will get access to publisher dashboard. There dashboard is quite simple and straightforward and direct in it approach, which make it easy to navigate and tracking performance.

As soon you finish your signing up, you will need to add your site details: Name, URL, Language and Traffic. Next, Publishers are required to place verification code on their website for moderation. Once your website gets approved you can start placing Ads widgets code on your website to display native ads. You can modify the widget before placing by changing no. of creative in a row/column, dimension of thumbnails, text size etc.

What Publisher Should Not Do?

So far, AdNow not imposed any strict requirements for their publishers unlike other native ad network like Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent etc… AdNow website approval process is quite flexible and they best suited for medium traffic publishers who struggling to get approved from these big networks.  Apart from all, AdNow follow some legitimate rules such that they can avoid spammers and those who use black hat tactics to boost earning. They lay down certain criteria for publishers who wish to join AdNow native ad network. Following guidelines are:

  • Publisher sites must not have broken any copyright law.
  • Site should not contain objectionable content like spam, adult content, spyware, malware etc.
  • Publisher must not use any software to manipulate clicks.
  • Publisher should not try to generate fake traffic using proxies, or ask friends for clicks.

Click Here To Join AdNow


Most of the native ad networks have very strict rules and traffic requirements, which make it very difficult for a newbie or even the modest webmasters, bloggers to monetize the traffic. Thankfully, AdNow is not one of them !! Anyone can join AdNow Native Ad Network within few moments. It works well for all legal sites, additionally you can use other ad network with it as there is no conflict with other ad system like Google adsense or others For the ad unit just below the article average CTR rise up and goes to 2.1%. However the actual revenue largely depends on the quality of traffic.

Hopefully, I presented a best option and new way to monetize your daily traffic apart from regular AdSense earning. Even those who got banned from Adsense can monetize their website easily. If you still have any queries then you can drop your comments below or join AdNow official digital forum thread from here for more specific queries.

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