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AdPop Review: It’s not just a Pop-Pop – It’s a Bang-Bang!

Adpop Review

The most popular problem of the earning publisher is the absence of payments from the network with which he cooperates. It can happen for various reasons, but the most basic is the great growth in the number of networks, among which, of course, there are dishonest.

How to avoid of this: to focus on good reviews and simply on your own comfort of interaction with one or another network.

That’s why we want to present you a new reliable platform – AdPop. After all, you know that our resource will never recommend unscrupulous networks.

What is AdPop?

This is a platform that works with the format of popunder and interstitial and which is ready to provide high-quality clear advertising for advertisers and, of course, timely payments for publishers.

But let’s go back to the popunder format. Probably,  pop ads seem to you, as in the distant 2000-s, when it popped up too often, it brought a lot of viruses and negative emotions. AdPop works quite differently – advertising is absolutely clean, without viruses or another intrusive and annoying things. In addition, it is an absolutely working popunder format, which does not distract users, does not cause negative emotions and has a number of interesting settings. For example, you can set the displaying of ads to 2-3 clicks, or make the ad show every few hours.

Thus, we approached the benefits of AdPop, which favorably shows this network on the internet market.

What makes AdPop special?

Adpop Benefit Review

1. AdPop –it’s easy! In order to start working with it, you don’t need to have any special skills in web mastery. Three simple steps to start:

  • Register on adpop.com.
  • Insert the js-code on your site
  • Start earning in a moment, even if you have only 1 visitor on the site!

2. AdPop pays above the market on average: If you until didn’t know how to start earning money with your site, here’s some useful information: pop formats are the most profitable advertising format.

3. If you have difficulty installing the code at some point, or if you have any questions about the work of AdPop, you can always contact a personal manager who is ready to help 24/7.

4. Moderate ads on your site: You can be absolutely sure that you will not be banned by any search engine because AdPop advertising is qualitatively moderated. No viruses, no adult, and other ads that are damaging your reputation.

5. 5% referral program: Most publishers have a large number of friends-colleagues who can be recommended by AdPop. And with a similar recommendation, you will receive 5%. An excellent additional alternative to earning!

6. Weekly payments twice a week: This is very convenient: AdPop pays twice a week if you earn $ 50 and more.

7. Convenient methods of payment: AdPop works with all payment systems. Very client-friendly policy: everything for the convenience of its customers.

8. Convenient statistics, which will always reflect you your impressions and incomes. Below, by the way, one of the best cases of AdPop partners is presented.

9. AntiAdblock: Don’t loose your money! AdPop provides code which is blocked Adblock working (little wordplay)


Well, these are all the moments that we noticed about the work of AdPop. If you have any comments about the network, write to us!

Despite the fact that AdPop is a relatively young platform, it gives good hopes for further development and will definitely win its admirers in the market of programmatic buying. Don’t waste your time, let’s try and create your own opinion!

Write your comments below, we are always glad to receive feedback from you!

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