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AdsBridge Review 2016

The affiliate marketing has turned out to be one of the best alternatives to online advertising. The eCommerce sector is flourishing and so is the affiliate marketing industry. There has been a constant increase in number of online marketers who are making a decent amount of money online through affiliates. With the increasing competition, there is a need to work on strategies. The process can be automated by bringing a smart tool to look your affiliate marketing business. One such tool is AdsBridge. Let us learn more about this tool for affiliate marketers.

What is AdsBridge?

AdsBridge is a premium class tracking software for affiliate industry sharks. It’s well equipped with multiple features to benefit the affiliate marketers. It is constantly gaining the reputation of a brilliant tracker among the online marketers. The ability to manage a number if URLs providing accurate reports is what loved by them. AdsBridge is designed to ease up the life of marketers and give them relief by managing most of their things accurately.

Top Features of AdsBridge

AdsBridge acts as a powerful tracker for the affiliate marketers. It is one of the phenomenal tools that every affiliate marketer should use once. Here are some of the best features of AdsBridge to consider:

  • Easy to Manage Dashboard: Once you join AdsBridge, you can manage the campaigns through its sole dashboard. You can comfortably navigate through different options without any hassle.
    AdsBridge Review Easy To Manage Dashboard
  • Secured Cloud Hosting Solution: It is a safe SaaS tracking tool which keeps all your crucial data on secure cloud stack. You need not spend extra penny on hosting or servers.
  • Automated Campaign Optimization: The probabilistic approach of this tool suggests you the best strategy to optimize your campaign and decide the best landing combinations. Get more info of how does it work.
  • Traffic Distribution System (TDS): Its TDS system is powerful enough to let you manage the traffic sources and offers, and helps you in campaign optimization to increase your revenue. The tracking can be done on web or mobile.
  • Fast Redirects: It has 5 data centers worldwide to manage the traffic coming from different countries. The high-speed DNS helps in fast redirects and also reduces the click losses.
  • Landing page Builder: You can create your own landing pages by choosing the templates from its library. The templates can be customized and split tested for better performance.
    Adsbridge review Templates
  • Real Time Reporting: You can easily track the conversions and get stats in real time. You can download any report and limit them by specifying the data required.
  • Multiple Campaign Reporting: The campaigns can be broken down to groups and you can view the statistics for the particular group. Follow the AdsBridge guide!
  • Precise Targeting: The 16 different parameters of AdsBridge system can be used to reach the exact traffic of your choice.
  • Bot Filter: You can easily filter the traffic by setting filters like ISPs, user agent, IP and other parameters. Get details and set it up!
  • Multi User Roles & Access: You can grant different roles to different users under one account. They can be given different type of editing/viewing permissions and assigned access accordingly.
  • Email & SMS Alerts: You can set the email or SMS alerts to stay well informed about the progress of the campaign.
  • Accuracy of Data: What more can you expect from software if it can provide you accurate data? AdsBridge provides you with authenticated data every time.
  • Support: The support is just phenomenal. AdsBridge has a team of skilled professional who are at your help whenever you need it. They can answer your questions promptly and handle your requests well.

Major Advantages of Using AdsBridge

Do not get confused. Here we have provided you with some of the ultimate benefits of using AdsBridge if you are an affiliate marketer.

  • You can easily hide the referrer options. Get Details and hide referrer.
  • The high converting templates are easily accessible.
  • It has a multi-currency support.
  • It provides you a large variety of landing page templates that can be customized.
  • Mobile application is available. You can download this from iTunes Store.

AdsBridge Affiliate Program – Review

How can a tool for affiliate marketers forget adding its own affiliate? AdsBridge offers its own affiliate program to the users. The users can join the affiliate program and if anyone purchases the plan through their referral, they are rewarded. You get 10 percent of commission from the monthly fee as long as the purchaser remains AdsBridge’s client. The payments can be withdrawn through PayPal once it reaches the threshold amount which is $100. The commission is given for every user.


AdsBridge offers 6 different plans to all its users. The users can choose the plans according to their requirements. The first one is the basic plan that is priced at $0. It is a free plan and can be considered as a trial package. You are restricted to use all its features in the free version. This plan is valid for only 30 days and after that you have to upgrade it to any of the other 5 plans. Here are some of the plans offered by AdsBridge.

AdsBridge Review Pricing

Final Thoughts

AdsBridge is a powerful tool for the affiliate/online marketers. Its intelligent tracking software saves a lot of time and helps an affiliate marketer to run successful campaigns while tracking the traffic. One can easily reach to its ‘Help Center’ for finding the tutorials to use the software perfectly in order to get the best results. So, if you are looking for an impactful tracker tool, AdsBridge is the one to consider.

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