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Adsterra Review: Make Money The Easiest Way From You Blog

Adsterra Review

Are you a blogger and looking for the easiest way of making money out of it? Or you are an advertiser who is looking for the cheapest medium to get the targeted exposure? Then there is a great platform for you i.e. Adsterra. Today we are going to review Adsterra Ad Network.

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra Logo

Adsterra is a premium advertising network started in 2013, which is serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions per month. So, in just around 3 years, they have grown exponentially.

Today, Adsterra is working with 1000’s of advertisers & publishers all across the world. They focus on both website advertising and mobile advertising for advertisers and publishers. Their main ad types are CPA, CPC, and CPM.

Although they offer many different ad types including cost per click and cost per view, it’s the pop-unders that they have specialized in. They offer different varieties of ad formats, ad sizes that can be used to maximize the revenues for publishers.

Adsterra Ad Network Features

Adsterra Network has some amazing features which help both advertisers as well as publishers in achieving their goal. Some of the features are:

  • Conversion Tracking: In Adsterra network one can choose their profitable plan to target desktop/mobile or both traffic sources for high conversion using best fitting payment model: CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI).
  • Security: Adsterra is a modern technology-enabled platform that uses third party fraud detection systems which automatically monitor the security of all ad campaigns running on their platform.
  • Real-Time Statistics: On Adsterra you can have instant access to all your detailed statistics and track your performance in real time.
  • Personal Account Manager: After signing up you will get a dedicated account manager for your campaigns who will keep you updated with the trend. They also help in optimizing ad campaigns.

Many popular companies like Jabong, Jumia, Mobvista etc. are advertising on Adsterra and so publishers can expect some great return from them.

Adsterra Ad Formats

Adsterra provide various kind of ad formats, some of the major ad formats are:

Adsterra Ad Formats

Leader Board: These ads are usually of size 728*90 and publisher generally place such ads above the fold & below the logo for high visibility.

Skyscraper: Such ads are usually placed in the sidebar and gather a good amount of clicks.

Video Banners: These ads are based on СPM model, video banners may be integrated to any publishers’ placement

Rectangle: This is the classic ad format which is perfect as an AdSense alternative. This can be placed anywhere on your blog or website.

Pros and Cons Of Adsterra

Pros and Cons

Every ad network has its own pros as well as cons, let’s have a look on Adsterra:


  • No doubt is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.
  • Adsterra provides both desktop and mobile ads, this increases your chance of earning more money from moderate traffic.
  • They provide a wide range of ad display options: display banners, pop under ads, interstitials, text ads, slider ads etc.
  • They have a wide range of payment options that include Bitcoin, Paypal, Payza, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill and ePayments.
  • You can also monetize your popular Facebook pages (with high traffic) unlike AdSense.
  • For advertisers, it is quite beneficial as Adsterra give most effective ad formats to reach a wider audience with a limited budget and their retargeting feature helps in connecting with more customers within the target industry.


  • It is not suitable for blogs/websites that generate less amount of traffic.
  • Their minimum payment amount is $100.

How to start making money using Adsterra with your blog?

Firstly, you need to become Adsterra publisher. It usually takes up to 48 hours to know your account status.

You can also grow your business/blog by being an advertiser at Adsterra. To become Adsterra advertiser, after that you can bid for impressions. You will also get free consultation after signing up.


This was all about Adsterra Ad Network. I hope you got enough understanding about the network from this Adsterra Review.

Adsterra is one of the fastest-growing advertising networks, they give highest CPM rates which helps in making more money. These rates are comparatively better than the other advertising networks.

If you are looking to monetize your blog then Adsterra can be your ideal choice.

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