How to Advertise using Your Email Signature

Email Signature

One can’t deny the fact that emails are one of the most used communication channels for the business. It has been found that usage of emails is growing day by day. For a businessman, email is the database of his personal and professional life. When you wake up, you check your email, before you sleep at night you check all emails. We rely on email to communicate with prospects, customers, vendors, friends and family.

Email Signatures

In fact, the email signature itself is one of the richest, yet untapped, branding and demand generation tool for many businesses. It is because of the impact your employee email signatures can leave on the recipient. Any compelling email signature campaigns which have a call-to-action button increase the level of professionalism your company displays.

5 Ways you can Advertise using your Email Signature

1. Prompt Prospects to Take Demo

When your product is new for the customers, the 1st step is to identify the prospects one. Once you have identified the prospects the next step is to convince them to make the purchase and the best way you can do this is by providing demo or trial for your product. By Including a call-to-action in the email signature and providing them demo video to gain more of an understanding of what your product or service offers. By doing this they can determine whether it is of use or not.

2. Promote Conference, Events or Webinar

Inviting the customers, prospects to sign up for any conference, events or webinar is one of the best ways to engage. It shows how much value, education and resources your company have. If your prospect signup via your email signature then you get to interact face to face with them and it provides an opportunity to showcase your products and services.

3. Share your Newest Research

Build Business

Customers always are on the hunt for something new & unique. Research, whitepapers, and interviews with experts from your field can be one of the most important assets for your prospects as they continue their search. If you share the information with them through email signature and prompt them to download it. This will give your brand in boosting the credibility instantly while adding value to the mutual-relationship.

4. Sharing Customer Success Story

Your customers love you for the products, services, and value you offer to them. So why not share some of the successes stories of your customers through email signatures. Try using a call-to-action in email signature by highlighting the name of the customer and the results, then direct them to download the full case study to gather more information about how the company achieved the results with your product or service.

5. Showcase your Brand/Company Culture

It is another important thing that most businesses don’t do. By exposing some of your company cultures to your prospects you can show that how much you care and value them as well as society. Use the email signature by highlighting non-profit involvement, new employee initiatives or job openings etc.

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Now you can use email signature advertising opportunity and take full advantage of it, and you know it is very easy to switch between campaigns just with few clicks. You can also ensure that the content is always fresh and up-to-date.

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