Affiliate Marketing: A Great Way To Create A Business Network

Business Network

In recent decades the internet has opened countless communication channels, among these many opportunities to make money online. One particular area growing in popularity is affiliate marketing.

Exploit Your Niche

Although the concept is fairly straightforward there are certain overriding aspects to this form of e-commerce. Firstly, when you embark on the road to becoming an affiliate it’s important to be aware of the process described as ‘securing your niche.’ What this means is that you focus on your strengths and only sell services or products you are already familiar with. Ideally, these should reflect interests or activities that occupy much of your time and expertise; anything connected with your current occupation would be a bonus.

Find Audience

The internet offers excellent networking opportunities so it’s also important to have a robust web platform. This point about affiliate marketing can’t be overstressed: without well-designed landing pages and easily navigable product lists customers simply won’t return after an initial flying visit. The vendors (the companies whose products you are taking on board) will need to know your website is 100% reliable in this respect. They will probably insist on some kind of audit of your URL to guarantee your content will not damage their own reputation by association.

Designing Your Platform

Build Business

Where this subject is concerned the good news is you don’t necessarily need years of marketing experience before embarking on your affiliate program. A decent amount of web awareness would be far more pertinent – and this needn’t encompass optimum HTML design skills either. WordPress and other free website creation platforms can produce well-engineered pages for you to use to host your products. The most important aspect of your site is that you come across as an authority in your niche. The last thing you need is for your pages to come across as purely slanted towards sales. You should spend some time setting up content around your topic, writing competent, authoritative paragraphs that compliment your subject. In this way, you will build an audience who will get to know your products and come back regularly, as opposed to sales-orientated sites that are chasing after a quick buck (just like 101 similar websites chasing after the same income – a scenario where the returns will be ever-diminishing.)

Researching Your Niche

Another keyword to focus on is research. Comparing what affiliate marketers are already doing is crucial when it comes to developing your own marketing strategy. If there’s every any environment where there is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel, that’s the internet. You’ll want to examine other outlets offering products, either directly within your niche or at least in the same ballpark. A good place to begin this background detective work is Amazon – a vast online marketplace that will undoubtedly already be selling products your own niche will relate to.

Clickbank attracts affiliates because it offers generous commission rates from vendors. Head over to Commission Junction where you can become an affiliate for a diverse range of companies, such as Office Depot or Overstock. TopOffers gives an excellent overview of how a slick and well-presented web platform will provide seamless integration into joining a free affiliate program on the basis of Cost Per Action (CPA) basis. This is a network that works with various partners, such as Flirt.com. The latter point is particularly worth noting because this represents a potentially very lucrative stream for networking your affiliate enterprise.

Joining A Program


So once you’ve prepared your groundwork in terms of researching similar ventures and putting together your all-singing and all-dancing web platform, what’s the next step? You join an affiliate program. A word of caution: there are certain things you need to be aware of. When you go through the steps of joining a program, be wary if you get asked to provide credit card details. Most vendors will offer you program membership free of charge. Anyone asking for your card numbers will more than likely be out to scam you.

Do be prepared to divulge general bank account information or your PayPal email details. What you can be reassured by is the fact that the vendor does not require this in order to take money from you. This is so they have the relevant outlet to pay you commission following successful sales. Finally, vendors will ask for your URL.

If you follow the golden rules about not appearing too pushy then there is no reason why your constructively designed affiliate program won’t be working.

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