Why My Alexa Rank stopped updating ?

Why Alexa Stop Updating

We got to seen that from a long time despite of having high traffic our blog alexa rank is not updating. There are many bloggers who are checking daily their alexa rank because it plays an very important role in attracting advertisers and advertisers means Money.

Why Alexa Stop Updating

Why Alexa Rank is not updating frequently ?

It is due to slight change which is rolling out over Alexa. They are working hard to increase Global traffic panel which will provide more accurate site traffic data estimate even if you are not a premium user i.e Non-Certified member.

Most probably this update will roll over in Next month, where you will get more deeper insight and better estimation of alexa traffic rank. Benefits of this update are :-

  • Accurate Traffic metrics
  • Sure-shot Overall Traffic stats
  • Accurate Ranking
  • Insights of your Competitor’s site

And those who have Alexa rank under 100k  will notice that there rank will fluctuate more frequently as compared to before.

NB: We all know Alexa traffic estimate is based on traffic who are using alexa toolbar in their browser so alexa rank is not always accurate. So there are many others way you can judge quality of other blogs are by using Google Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority using Moz Toolbar.

So it has been very difficult to determine whether will be measuring a site quality via using old algorithm which had been used by them from last 20 year even before Google was founded. It might be possible that they may use new better algorithm to determine and Blog/website potential.

Now I guess you got answer for your Question “Why Alexa is not updating frequently ?”. If you have any query related to it you can ask in comment below.

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