What Makes AllMyTube the Perfect Video Downloader?

AllMYTube Video Downloader

Thanks to the Fast Internet, we can now watch High quality videos without buffering or lagging behind. But sometimes we need to enjoy our favourite videos on the go where we either can’t take our internet to, or the Internet isn’t available at all! In those situations, online video downloaders can really be relief.

Like any other application or utility on the Internet, there are tons of apps posing to the perfect solution for you to download free video(s). With so many applications around, it gets hard to differentiate and select the perfect one. However, being a reader you don’t need to go through all that trouble and selection process.

We’ve tested and come up with the best video downloading solution available – Wondershares AllMyTube. Not only it is easy to handle, it is also capable of grabbing videos from 1k popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook etc. In this review; we will break down why AllMyTube is the perfect downloader you should use:

1. As Easy as Walk in Park!

With this utility, downloading videos gets quite easy. All you need to do is just simply copy and paste the URL of the video into the program, and the program would take care of the rest. The program also comes with an extension for popular web-browsers, which when installed, show a small button along every video that you play. You can download the video straight by clicking the button itself!

2. Grabs Videos from nearly every online website

With this tool installed, you won’t need to install a separate download for every website. It is capable of grabbing up videos from nearly all video hosting websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. The list contains as much as 1k websites.

3. Converting Videos on the Go

AllMYTUBE Video Convertor

The Problem with most of the downloaders is that they don’t offer any choice to download a video in a particular format. However this downloader comes built in with a All-in-one video converter, which makes video conversion easy. This is a handy feature because you won’t like to over load your smartphone with high quality video songs, keeping MP3 versions would be a more smart choice. Further speaking of the conversion feature, this tool also has a feature to pull out Audio from a video and save it in MP3 or WAV format.

4. Decreased download time

Another issue that we found while testing similar software was the speed drop in downloading. With low speeds, downloading high quality videos gets quite hard and nearly becomes test of patience. Thanks to this tool, you won’t have to wait for long hours while downloading. One of its prime features includes faster download timings. According to calculations, the downloading speed experienced was almost 3X faster than rest of the downloaders.

5. Built in Player

If the above features weren’t enough to convince users, the software also comes with a built-in video player. The player lets you watch your previously downloaded videos while you download a new video. Not only this, the interface also has handy options to share videos on social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter.

6. Automatic Saving

The downloader does the task of saving the videos as well. It allows you to save your downloaded videos automatically in the library. You can also import your favorite videos in the library if they are in Mp4 or Local Flv format. This utility also allows you to transfer your videos to your smartphone without any USB cable. This is one more feature that reduces the need of multiple software.


The software provides decent features at the price tag it comes for. Not only it comes with a simple user interface which can be easily handled, it also allows you to download from nearly any website online. It has some handy features such as quick download via browser itself, conversion, Mobile transfer and in-built video player. Overall, it is a video downloader which is worth using.

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