Everything You Need to Know about Amazon’s Paid Traffic Program

Amazon Paid Traffic Program

The amount of traffic that your website receives is often the main factor in determining just how successful or unsuccessful the site is. Sure, there are other important factors too, but when it comes down to it if you aren’t getting visitors, and seeing those visitors increase on a regular basis, you simply cannot achieve your goals. This is exactly why companies look for ways and techniques to use that will boost their traffic, making their website more successful in general.

One avenue you may have started to look into is Amazon’s paid traffic program. Making the move to actually pay for your traffic can end up giving the website the influx it needs to really start seeing a difference and move closer to achieving its goals. But it’s not always a guarantee, which is why it’s worth digging a little deeper. Here we’ll take a look at Amazon’s paid traffic program so you can determine if it’s right for your website.

Paid Traffic Can Come from a Variety of Places

Even though we are specifically discussing Amazon’s paid traffic system, keep in mind that paid traffic can come from different areas. So this alone should be something you consider and weigh your options carefully. Ask yourself if paid traffic through Amazon will reach your targeted audience. Some of the other places paid traffic can originate from are Google and Facebook. Basically, you will be paying for the techniques and steps that are needed to attract people to you.

What Are the Steps You Can Use?

Paid traffic can be achieved through a number of different steps. Some of the most common ones include social influencer marketing where a social media influencer is paid to discuss and showcase your brand/product, display ads, sponsored content that appears to look like a blog or news article to readers, social media ads that pop up on Facebook and Instagram to name a few, a paid search using things like Bing Ads or Google AdWords, and paid discovery.

Make Sure You Have Specific Goals

Specific Goal

Now if you are going to use the Amazon paid traffic program, you also need to have some specific goals laid out and a way to track them. This is your way of ensuring your efforts are effective, and if they aren’t then you can quickly identify the areas that need tweaking and make those changes.

Some of the common goals you may want to set include an increase in monthly revenue thanks to the influx of traffic, see traffic grow by a minimum amount each month, and enjoy more customer engagement.

Consider Enlisting a Professional

If Amazon’s paid traffic program is something your business is serious about and wants to be sure they go about it in the best way possible, enlisting a professional can also be worthwhile. Finding a service that is familiar with the various steps and routes you can take, what common goals should be set, how to track the progress, and provide you with real and tangible results should all be top of the priority list.

Creating that strong and effective campaign structure will be key and it also gives you, the business, back the control that is necessary. You can check out this case study and strategy guide from Search Scientists that takes a much more in-depth look at Amazon’s paid traffic program.

Taking the Right Steps for Your Website

Understanding and identifying those “right” steps for your website is a tricky business. Every company wants their website to be successful and grow on a steady basis, but this doesn’t come without taking active and smart steps on your part.

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