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Banner Ad Sucks! Alternative Ad units from PropellerAds


In 2013, Nielsen published a report about Trust in Advertising in which he mentioned that Online banner ads are the least trusted among readers similar like traditional form of advertising that you have seen in newspapers. Due to which leads/conversions are quite less as a result you get paid quite less as compared to other form of ads.

There are following reasons which are responsible for low conversions of banner ads, here are they :

  • Amateur Ad Design
  • Lack of Credibility
  • It doesn’t meet readers expectations
  • (Most Important) Banner Blindness

What is Banner Blindness ?

Banner blindness generally exist due to the fact that most of the people who visits websites, read blogs they all read in a F shaped Pattern. It is better explained in image below :

F pattern reading - Banner Blindness

This is how a normal reader reads blogs, due to which they skip ads while reading it and hence less conversions. So how to increase conversion rate and publisher income ? So we are with the best alternatives i.e PropellerAds.

PropellerAds : Types Of Ad Units

Banner Ad Suck Alternatives of Banner Ads

ProperllerAds offers many variety of ad units this is the major factor which is helping Propeller Ads in moving ahead of various popular ad network like Google Adsense and many others. It doesn’t matter at all what niche, what kind of your blog/website is there will always be an ad unit for you. But it doesn’t meant that you can trick them by sending fake traffic, click exchange or in other way to make more money.

Below are the different types of Ad units offered by PropellerAds :

1. OnClick PopUnder Ads :

This ad units are the most effective ad unit as they are offering high CPM up to $10 for some GEO.While most publishers get $2-$4 even on mixed traffic it is because you get paid for every impression your of your ad. The best part is this works on all mobile devices as well.

In a research it has been found that entertaining websites like photos, viral content, movies, games etc get the best CPM for pop under ads.

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2. Mobile Ads :

Do you know mobile traffic is increasing day by day, so one must make his/her blog responsive as well as monetize them with mobile ads to increase revenue generated. PropellerAds offer two kind of Mobile ads, which are :

  • Mobile Dialog Ads
  • Mobile Interstitial Ads

>> Mobile Dialog Ads : These ads are a kind of alert which shows readers a dialog box which helps in grabbing instant attention and hence resulting in more CTR and CPM.

>> Mobile Interstitial Ads : These ads are the best top performing mobile ads which Propellerads offers because of its higher user engagements what it does is cover the full screen of mobile with ad.

3. Video Ads :

If you have video content and want to monetize them, then you can easily do it with the help of PropellerAds Video ads. They offer Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Pre-Game and Post-Roll ad spots which are quite unique and best performing.

NB : Only available for those who have license for their Video content.

4. Direct Ads :

This is another great and unique kind of ad unit in which the publisher i.e we will be given a specific link to promote. We can do this by creating our own banner ads, button ads, text link ads etc. The best part is that by using this ad unit we can even monetize our 404 pages with direct ad without hurting user surfing experience.

Direct ads are the best solution as an alternative to pay per download/install affiliate programs as monetization is quite easy and it didn’t even affect your blog audience as well.

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This was all about Propeller various Ad types of ad units, they are genuine and pay your income on time. Like Adsense, Infolink you will need real traffic to make real income.

For those who have new blog who doesn’t get adsense approval or you already have blog and Google Adsense but not making money can try their hands on propeller ads.

Let us know what you think about PropellerAds, also you can share your view how they can improve user experience as well as publisher experience.

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