Beginner Guide : How to Do Keyword Research For Better SEO

Beginner Guide : How to Do Keyword Research For Better SEO

Many of the niche bloggers and webmasters are into niche blogging and they are dominating the web, while newbie don’t even able to hit the 1st page of Google, and the reason is they don’t know How to do Keyword Research and find profitable, less competitive and enough searched keyword. So I thought of writing this post to help my readers in making money online by finding profitable, money making keywords.

While Google keep rolling out it new algorithm updates, but one thing is still consistent for inbound marketers, bloggers and webmasters to optimize their websites for better SEO is Keyword Research. Well from the beginning the process of keyword research is same but most of us didn’t know how to do it.

Beginner Guide : How to Do Keyword Research For Better SEO

Beginner Guide : How to Do Keyword Research For Better SEO

But before we move ahead, I would like to give a brief introduction about types of keyword one can target, which type of keywords are best for SEO for beginners. There are three types of keywords :

  • Two Word Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Money Making Keywords

1. Two Word Keywords :

While two word keywords are those which bring lots of traffic, but these are worst to target for a reason, have a look at below keywords and guess what may be the reason;

  1. Birthday Cards
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Make Money

I hope you got the reason, if not then here is the reason :
These keywords are really profitable but competition is really very huge one cannot rank for this keywords in 2015 but some years back around 2002 ranking for this kind of keywords was too easy. So ranking for this keyword on 1st page of Google search engine is almost impossible and traffic from this keyword is also not targeted.

2. Long Tail Keywords :

Most of organic traffic came from long tail keywords to blogs and websites, this are the combination of 4-5 or more words in Google. Sometimes even this long tail keywords have no search volume or they attract wrong traffic according to Google Keyword Planner. That’s why one need to target on certain long tail keywords like :

Long Tail Keywords to target :

  • _______________ reviews
  • _______________ review
  • _______________ tutorials
  • best ____________
  • Top ____________
  • Latest ___________
  • ______________ tutorial
  • ETC

fill the blanks with the product, niche or topic you are targeting for.

3. Money Making Keywords :

This are the keywords which attract buyers who have credit cards in their hand, this are the best to target as if you attract those people who have buying potential surely you will make money. Some examples of money making keywords are :

Money Making Keywords to target :

  • _____________ buy
  • _____________ discount
  • _____________ purchase
  • _____________ trial
  • _____________ price
  • _____________ deal
  • _____________ sale
  • _____________ coupons
  • _____________ vouchers
  • ETC

fill the blanks with the product, niche or topic you are targeting for.

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How to do Keyword Research For Better SEO

Most of the bloggers use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research but to check competition among those keywords some of them use to check Google 1st page while other use SEOQuake Chrome extension to analyze the sites which are ranking on the 1st page. While some of use use Long Tail Keyword Pro which is really a great tool which helps in getting some money making keywords, but it didn’t provide enough idea so that one can also get some idea about competition you have to face.

Introducing Market Samurai the best tool for keyword research, I should say it is more than a keyword research tool because it have some features like :

1. Monitors your page ranking in Google, Bing & Yahoo

2. It helps in finding most profitable affiliate product

3. It bring up less competitive markets in SERP’s

4. It will save your time as well as money by automating all manual tasks

How to find profitable keywords using Market Samurai ?

1. Grab 100% Trial

First of all grab the 100% free trial from Market Samurai and test it so that you can have a look how this tool works.

2. Integrate it with Google

Market samurai has to be integrated with Google keyword planner, so that it can fetch some required data.

3. Create your Project

Now here you have to create your 1st project, here you need to enter your keyword you would like to inspect.
After entering your keyword Click on “Generate Keywords” here you will get the list of keywords for inspection.

4. Keyword Analysis

Once you click on “Keyword Analysis” you will be taken to the new screen where you can analyse all the keywords. It is really the best tool to analyze keywords as it generate all the info for the top 10 results in Google for your targeted keyword within a minute.

If you go manually it will take around half an hour to analyze and find this type of keywords but Market Samurai make it all easy.

Here is an example of the type of data for “make money online” keyword :

Beginner Guide to keyword Research


Only just focus on some parameters in this data like :

1. SEOT : It represents the daily clicks 1st rank site can achieve from that keyword

2. SEOC (SEO Competition) :It gives the total number of web pages globally in Google index in the same word order.

3. Trends : It shows the monthly traffic trend for that particular keywords

Its upto you how many parameters you check with this tool before choosing any keyword, once you have the list of those money making keyword you can start working on those keywords to bring your blog post to the top.

After you have your targeted keywords in Hand, you may like to know How to create profitable Micro niche blogs to make passive income 

Let me know have you ever used this tool, if yes then how it helped it or not. Don’t forget to share it if you found it useful.

19 thoughts on “Beginner Guide : How to Do Keyword Research For Better SEO”

  1. Avatar of Tonmoy Parves

    Hello Suprabhat Bro,

    After long time! Thanks for your this great article. Really Keywords research is the most important to do Blogging/SEO for Google Ranking. And I’ve very low idea about this one. And that’s why i just check out your Facebook and got this link. Really Good points you’ve shared. Thanks again for this hard work ..

    BTW, I’ve question to you, Do you still use Market Samurai to do keywords research for yourself or you use others keywords research tools for you? If yes then what other and how much the cost? and if you use Market Samurai then what’s the cost and why you use this one?
    Tonmoy Parves recently posted…Play Safe With Links Else Forget Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Avatar of suryateja

    Well done suprabath.. It’s really a good pick and now a days many people fail in the initial stages of blogging because of poor keyword research. This article will help and make them understand about keyword research. In addition to this,you could have added the list of free keyword difficulty checkers to make them aware of the competition.

    Anyway,market samurai is also a great one..Have a great blogging career ahead..!!
    suryateja recently posted…How To Become Rich In India OvernightMy Profile

  3. Avatar of Shahidul Rakib

    Keyword research is very important for any website. After searching a lot, finally, find your blog. The information is really accurate. I searched for many websites but could not understand the term.

    You have explained everything very nicely. Every term is educative for me. I have been using press release for my new website. I think, I have to follow your ways to start marketing like the way you mentioned here

    Thanks !
    Shahidul Rakib recently posted…Tips to write a good Press release for business PromotionMy Profile

  4. Avatar of Areesha Noor

    Hi Suprabhat,

    This is indeed a great post. Keyword research is really most important factor in SEO. As you described, Long tail keyword easy get rank in Google so that I am using Long tail keyword and getting good amount of traffic from Search engine.

    Thanks Suprabhat for sharing an idea about keyword research.
    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes for StepdaughterMy Profile

  5. Avatar of John

    Indeed a great post about keyword research.

    It is true that keyword research is the very 1st step to target the right traffic from search engines like Google. I have seen so many people who never does keyword research and always keep themselves busy in writing articles on different different random keywords which is not good.

    If We really want to get potential traffic which can converts easily then we must have to target the right keyword.

    For a productive work, every expert suggest to target long tail keywords with having low competition. Because long tail keywords with low competition are easily to rank rather than short tail high competitive keywords.

    I always use Google Keyword Planner to check the keyword search volume and Long Tail Pro for keyword competition score. I am glad that You have covered such an indepth article on keyword research.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  6. Avatar of fakhar

    Thanks for such a valuable post great article on keyword research .Great work done . Your post shows all your effort and great experience towards your work . and great post . thanks again

  7. Avatar of sarthak

    Hi Suprabhat that was an amazing article on keyword research as competition is increasing proper keyword research is very important you have helped me a lot with this article

  8. Avatar of Jacob Steeve

    Hello Suprabhat
    Thanks for useful info for the beginners.Keyword research is the main work to do for SEO. Another chrome extention like Keyword everywhere is also very useful and beneficial for beginners. another your content “How Bloggers make money” is also very much informational. Thanks

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