Best Apps For A Traveller To Use In 2017

Traveller using Smartphone

Amidst all the troubles of planning a trip, the availability of Android apps and some outstanding applications featured on it has made travelling smoother since they allow you to book stuff at home. The availability of smart phones has welcomed the features of various kinds of applications that would help you do your jobs easily. You can also categorise the deals based on the reviews and opinions of the clients experiencing them.

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Here are some amazing travel apps that would be following the trend in 2017:

1. Yelp


This app has officially become the yellow pages of bars and jars and it does not only extend to the places in U.S but all across the globe. This app houses a sheer number of reviews that serves as an excellent resource when you are planning to.hit the best spots. It prepares you well before heading out will all the necessary deals.

2. Google Trips

Google Trips

This application pulls reservations from your email, thereby creating an underlying framework for your trip. You can plan the whole day by accessing the popular places to visit or eat at around the location.

3. WeatherBug


This is a useful app that will assist you to look at the weather forecast for the location and dates of your trip. It will also enable you to select activities that you may like to participate during the course of your trip. The Doppler Radar effect is an outstanding feature of the application that will help the users to take a count on the precipitation range, thunderstorms, the wind, snow through the radar beam. Thus, you can arrange your schedule as per the weather circumstances of the location.

4. Memrise


This is an excellent app that uses mnemonics in order to help you memorise phrases and words. It adapts to the learning style of the user in course of time, thereby allowing you to unlock a wide variety of features even in an offline mode.

5. Circa


If you are travelling across multiple countries during your trip program, it would appear to be a little tricky for you when it comes to tracking time. This is a beautiful, yet a simple timezone app that will provide you the heading time. You can also add your home time out there in order to keep in touch with the people back at home.

6. XE Currency

XE currency

If you are more likely to travel to foreign lands, this would be a must-use app for you as it does all the currency conversions for you and help you be noted with the price charts of the countries.

7. Expensify


This app will solve all your expense related issues. It is perfect if you are on a business trip. You can create a report and commence adding receipts to it by scanning it with your camera.

8. Tripit


It keeps all your travel details by accessing their confirmation from the emails and help you book your car rentals, hotels, events and flights.

9. WhatsApp


This is a commonly used popular app that has got more than a billion users. Having this app installed on your smart phone before you head on to the trip has its own advantages. This will let you keep in touch with the people you have at your home and you can also start a quick chat with a few contacts whom you meet along your way and felt like sharing your number with them.

10. App in the Air

App in the Air

It is a smart flight tracking app that covers the best airports and airline services thereby helping you keep a track of your flight status.

The process of decision making is really a hard job to do. Thus, these apps assist you to a great extent by recommending the top deals for your pocket.

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