10 Best High Paying CPM ad Networks

10 Best High Paying CPM ad Networks

Blog Monetization is one of the most crucial decisions in life of every webmaster. A webmaster puts in really hard efforts to create an awesome blog that has a potential to yield good money through its traffic. A number of CPM ad networks are available that can help the webmasters to monetize their blog and earn high CPM rate by displaying CPM ads on their websites/blogs. The earning depends on the traffic, location and type of ad being displayed. Let us know about some of the best paying CPM networks and choose which one is the best.

Top 10 High Paying CPM Ad Networks

Here are the top 10 high paying CPM ad networks that will enable you to monetize your blog in an effective way and generate considerable revenue out of it.


UberCPM is one of the top best CPM networks you will find on Internet. They are well know for giving the highest CPM rates to publishers. Best thing about UberCPM is that, they had minimum threshold of $10, after which you can get ask for payout. Some of the amazing features of UberCPM are:

  • Give 80% of revenues to Publishers
  • Minimum Threshold of $10
  • eCPM upto $10
  • It helps users convert blog traffic into revenue
  • Monthly Payment
  • You can get started instantly, no requirment of minimum traffic.
  • Advertisers can get started with as minimum as $20 per campaign
  • Simplest Dashboard and easy to use.


Adcash is one of the best CPM networks which were started few years ago in 2007. At present, this network is serving over billions of ads every month with a reach of over 200 million visitors every day. Adcash possesses an extensive network of 150K publishers along with 3500 active running campaigns. The support team includes 100+ highly qualified employees that effectively provide assistance to both publishers and advertisers. Some of the amazing features of Adcash are mentioned below:

  • Adcash operates in around 196 countries all over the world.
  • You can access the admin panel in eight different languages.
  • It enables the users to convert the traffic on their blog into revenue.
  • The ads provided by Adcash are high quality and offered by top brands that will ensure highest eCPM rates.
  • It supports mobile advertising and has got an intelligent contextual targeting platform.
  • You can choose from various types of ad types and ad slots.
  • Seek the help of account managers in order to monetize your blog in the right way.
  • In order to apply for Adcash, you do not require any minimum traffic.
  • The minimum threshold rate is 100 Euros.


Advertising.com is an impressive CPM network that has got appreciable rates for CPM ads. If your blog possess a good CTR then its revenue share ads can allow you to perfectly monetize your blog. Some of the evident features of this network are:

  • The network has got 92 advertisers from the list of topmost 100 Ad Age listed advertisers.
  • com accepts those sites only that have traffic of at least 500 thousand visitors every month.
  • You can get the payments through PayPal, wire transfer as well as cheque.
  • You need a minimum threshold of 25$ for payment.


Earlier Exponential was known as Tribal Fusion. This network is progressively working towards improving the advertising services that are offered to the publishers. The high targeted ads are being converted to ads generating high revenue for you blog and thus you get high CPM rates. Some of the appreciable features of this network are listed below:

  • You must have a minimum of 500 visitors a day in order to apply for this network.
  • The users are given an option to choose from numerous ad slots and ad types.
  • Publishers can access both CPA as well as CPM ads.
  • Payments are made after every 45 days via cheque or PayPal.

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Criteo has managed to gain a lot of popularity within a short span. It is being used by many of the top sites owners. As per the old stats of the year 2014, Criteo has effectively served around 740 billion ads and has a wide network of 7800 advertisers all over the world. You can get decent CPM rates and high conversions through this network. Some of its features are mentioned below:

  • Around 96% of its advertisers opt to renew the services of Criteo every year.
  • It converts the traffic on your blog into high revenues.
  • The revenue generated by Criteo is higher in comparison to several other CPM networks available.

Radium One

Radium One is one of the most talked about CPM networks in the industry that assures to deliver high CPM rates. There are number of ad options available in this network. The users can effectively monetize the content of their blogs by using its CPM ads. Some of the notable features of this network are:

  • You can get payments after every two weeks.
  • This network works flawlessly with videos, texts as well as images.
  • The ads are well optimized for both mobile as well as desktop users.
  • Payments can be accepted using PayPal, Wire Transfer and Cheque.
  • Minimum limit for requesting payment is 100$


BuySellAds is good option for people who are starting a new blog. You can easily generate revenue from just 100 visits a day. This will make sure that the traffic on your new blog does not go in vain and you are able to generate revenue even with a low traffic. You will notice a significant increase in earnings as the traffic on your blog will increase. Some of the commendable features of this network are as listed below:

  • In order to start using BuySellAds, you do not require any minimum traffic.
  • It provides around 75% revenue that it generates from the advertisers.
  • Twice in a month you can request for payments that gets processed within a time frame of 2-3 days on request.
  • A minimum amount of 20$ can be requested to be transferred via PayPal.
  • If you want to get the payments via wire transfer or cheques, you will need at least 500$ and 50$ in your account respectively.
  • It is completely Adsense safe and various ad sizes are also available.
  • You can request for payments twice in a month and the payments are processed within 2-3 days of your request.


Amobee is a popular CPM ad network that has acquired several other CPM ad networks such as Kontera and AdConion. If your blog manages to get over thousands of visitors every month then Amobee is probably the best option for you. Some of the amazing features of Amobee are listed below:

  • This network offers high CPM rates.
  • You need not have any minimum traffic for applying to this network.
  • Payments can be accepted via cheque or PayPal account.

Technorati Media

Technorati Media is a CPM ad network which is generally preferred by pro bloggers because of its Adsense safe nature. Technorati Media is probably one of the biggest social media ad networks over the world. Publishers can make use of highly targeted ads in order to monetize their blogs. Some of the notable features of this amazing CPM network are:

  • The ads offered by this network aims to enhance the conversion ratios.
  • All the ads are completely Adsense safe.
  • High percentage of revenue is offered to the publishers.
  • Minimum limit for requesting payment is $50.

Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands around the world. It offers high quality CPM ad to its publishers. Amazon provides you a great option to monetize your blog through its CPM ads. It is one of the most trusted CPM ad networks around the world available in nearly every country. Presently, Amazon is offering its CPM ads to only few selected Amazon associates.

  • You can login the dashboard directly from Amazon Associates Account.
  • If any ad doesn’t match your required CPM value then the ad will not be shown on your blog.
  • Different ad sizes and formats are available.

Conversant Media

Conversant Media was earlier known as ValueClick Media. This CPM network includes leading publishers from the industry from various niches such as pharmaceutical, retail, telecom and automobile. You can start with less traffic as well and you need not fulfill many requirements for using this network. Some of the incredible features of this commendable network are:

  • No minimum requirement for traffic.
  • In order to request for payment, you must have a minimum revenue of 25$ in your account.
  • Payments can be accepted via cheques and PayPal.
  • Conversant Media adheres to the NET60 model of payment. However, in case of many users payment is processed after 25 days.

Final Say

So, the discussion has come to an end. We discussed about 10 superb CPM ad networks, but no doubt, Adcash tops the list. Adcash ads are available in approximately 196 countries with over 200 million daily reach and 3500 actively ongoing campaigns. No other ad network has these fantastic stats. Another advantage of choosing Adcash is that you can get 24*7 support from their team and its dashboard is available in eight different languages.

Adcash should be an ideal choice if you are looking to monetize your blog with high paying CPM ad network. It can surely boost up your earnings as compared to other CPM networks and display responsive ads compatible with any platform.

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