The best laptops of 2019 for education and students

Laptop for Students

During your school years, you will need a variety of equipment. Stationary, books, clothes – the list is endless. One piece of equipment that you may also need is a laptop. A laptop is not a necessity, but it can make a huge difference to your college work. By using a laptop you can complete your work faster, research revision topics on the web, and generally have more flexibility during your studies. You can also use a laptop to find reviews on things such as coursework writing services here . A laptop can also help you find what to do after college – you can use it to look at different career opportunities.

Finally, a laptop can help in getting a job after college – it can be used to type up resumes and fill out job applications. In short, it is a worthwhile investment that has a much greater scope of use than just college work. In the below text, we look at the best laptops of 2019 for education and students. These laptops encompass a variety of price brackets, but are all suitable for use in college – enjoy!

1. HP Pavilion 14

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 1920×1080
Graphics – Intel UHD Graphics
Memory (RAM) – 8GB minimum
Processor (CPU) – Intel Core i5
Storage (HDD) – 256GB SSD


This laptop might not win the award for the best-looking device, but its performance is exceptional. For a moderate price tag, you gain awesome processing power with 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 processor. This device will handle anything you throw at it as a student – you can do your work and easily look at how to find a job after college. Finally, the HP Pavilion 14 is also robust and well-built – it is made to last.  

2. Samsung Notebook 9

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 15″ LED
Graphics – Nvidia GeForce MX150
Memory (RAM) – 16GB DDR4
Processor (CPU) – Intel Core i7
Storage (HDD) – 256GB SSD


Samsung is best known for its smartphones, but they also produce a great range of laptops and tablets. Samsung Notebook 9 is more expensive, but the cost is worth it. For the price tag, you gain a powerful laptop that also has an Nvidia graphics card – it will cope with some games as well as your college work. The only downside is the keyboard – it can feel a little cheap but it is functional which the main point is. 

3. Microsoft Surface Go

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 10″
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 615
Memory (RAM) – Minimum of 4GB
Processor (CPU) – Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4415Y
Storage (HDD) – 128GB SSD


The Surface Go is not one of the fastest devices in this list but it is extremely good value for money. If you want a simple device that you can use to type up documents and perform revision, this is a great choice. The screen is only 10″, but this is more than enough to do your college work. The build quality is also excellent – the keyboard, in particular, feels pleasant and easy to use.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 12.3″ / 2736×1284
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 615
Memory (RAM) – Minimum of 4GB
Processor (CPU) – Intel Core m3 – 7
Storage (HDD) – 128GB Minimum up to 1TB


If you want something more powerful, the Surface Pro is the next step up from the Surface Go. This device has a more powerful processor, graphics card and internal memory capabilities. It also has a much larger screen and resolution. The quality is fantastic and this laptop also has a dual purpose – it can be used as a tablet or a laptop. The touch screen works really well and is extremely responsive.

5. ACER Chromebook 25

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 15.6″ / 1920×1080
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics
Memory (RAM) – Minimum of 4GB
Processor (CPU) – Intel Celeron 3205I 1.5ghz
Storage (HDD) – 32GB SSD


The Chromebook is a hugely popular laptop. This is also one of the cheapest laptops in this list – if you don’t have a massive budget this could be the choice for you. It looks fantastic and has a sleek grey design with a full QWERTY keyboard. Finally, the screen resolution is fantastic and the display looks amazing. You can get all of your college work done and more using this brilliant device.        

6. Lenovo Flex 6 14

Laptop Specs

Screen Size – 14″ / 1920×1080
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 620
Memory (RAM) – Minimum of 8GB
Processor (CPU) – Intel Core i5-8250U
Storage (HDD) – 256GB SSD


Lenovo has created high-quality laptops for many years. The Lenovo Flex 6 14 is a no-nonsense device that offers fantastic value for money. This laptop is built for work – it will do exactly what you want and allow you to complete your college work, revision and more with ease. The screen size is also great and the resolution of the display is more than adequate.

These 6 laptops really are fantastic, especially for students. If you are looking at how to get a job after college then using a laptop really can help. Furthermore, some of the highest paying jobs for college students involve the use of a laptop. We understand that you will have to make an initial investment, but the relatively small cost will be outweighed in the future from the benefits you can gain! Why not look into purchasing a laptop today and take your college studies to the next level?    

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