Best media players for Mac

Best Media Players for Mac

It’s clear that working with the media files on Mac is a completely different story than it is on any other operating system. The reasons for that are somewhat obvious, as the MacOS doesn’t have a solid built-in media player that supports all of the formats available on the internet, nor does it allow for any customization inside. Such a bummer could be contributed to the closed nature of Macs, although there are some ways of securing a flawless experience while downloading both audio and video content from the internet. To this end, it’s important to check out here all of the best media players for Mac for such a purpose.

Elmedia Player

Here is a thing, Elmedia Player proudly claims itself as a genie of video, and, frankly to speak, its functionality allows it to rightfully do so. The player supports files of any formats, which allows the users to download any type of content from the World Wide Web and view it on the Mac. At the same time, it also has a built-in feature of Youtube video downloading, which seems like a helpful tool to all those frequently working offline. Additionally, there are options of how to extract the audio solely from the video as save it as an MP3, for example. However, the most useful feature seems to be the AirPlay option as it allows to watch a video from a variety of other devices that ultimately synchronize with the Elmedia Player here and there. Truly, the player is among the unparalleled ones on the internet, especially considering the free trial option that only helps the users to explore the functionality that the app has to offer fully.

VLC Video Player for Mac

VLC Media Player for Mac

Featuring an open-source platform, a player of the focus seems to eliminate the boundary lines between all the different devices and video extracting sources. All the while, it supports a multitude of formats, including the DVD and CD ones, which can’t be found that often on the internet. Most of all, however, the support for the Blu-Ray outstands the VLC from all the other opponent on the market. Users would also surely enjoy the cross-platform capability of the app, which allows for integrating with all sorts of web channels as well as the devices of the focus. As a side note, VLC doesn’t require any codec packs for use and is free of charge for everyone interested.

5K Video Player for Mac

For all those looking for the simple flawless user experience, the app of the focus seems to be the most reasonable option for so. Featuring the simple design and only 6 pop-up icons in the entire app, this is an incredibly easy solution to all the inexperienced users who are on the lookout for the smooth working experience. Besides, the app’s functionality allows for performing the variety of tasks, including listening to the radio, saving the offline videos from the Youtube service, or even playing out the video or audio from the DVD inserted into the Mac computer. Not to forget to mention the fact that it supports the 3D experience and allows the users to save the films from the Netflix in the high-quality.

MPlayerX for Mac

Just as the previous player of the focus, MPlayerX is incredibly easy to use, although there are some of the difference in the ways the apps operate. For instance, MPlayerX is more lightweight on the recourses of the system, which ultimately means that the Mac isn’t going to warm itself up because of the sensory overload. Furthermore, the app allows for some customization of the subtitles and lets the user an option to pick up the video from the moment he or she left off since the last time. Many users of the MacOS find the app to be among the most convenient toolboxes that are imperative to the flawless experience.

Kodi Video Player for Mac

In its entity, Kodi is a great solution to all those looking for the design, similar to what can be found on the Xbox consoles. Basically speaking, the app posits itself as an exclusive media platform, where all of the pictures, audio, videos, and other multimedia files can be viewed with an ease of use and without bothering oneself about the formats. In a way, the creators have been successful in projecting such an ideology to the reality, although the app hasn’t been updated and looked for in a while, which may also indicate some lack of care to an extent.

Concluding Thoughts:

Before the user decides what media player to choose for the everyday use, it’s vital to form a list of priorities in the app of focus. For example, one may find that the simple design is the most crucial thing in the desired media player, which may lead to the choice of the apps that provide the users with such an experience. On the other hand, it’s possible to realize that the functionality and the variety of supported formats is the most important thing, which will lead to the completely different apps of the focus. Nevertheless, it’s not senseless after all to see all of the technical characteristics before making a final choice as it seems to be truly reasonable here.

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