What Are The Best Social Media Sites for Business

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In this age of technology, using social media platforms allow a business to maximize its reach, enhance its image and recognition, engage the target audience, and succeed at the social media goals.

However, before selecting any online social portal, evaluation of the features is a must. Therefore, this article shares best social media platforms that work for large businesses as well as for small businesses.


With more than 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the oldest social media platform still in widespread use today and allows sharing of text, photos, audios, links, videos, and more. It is a far-reaching site that has users all over the world and provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to choose from a variety of options such as professional pages, paid post promotion, and native advertising. Business can also share photos, videos, and target Facebook Groups for better brand recognition as people of unique interests develop and follow these groups. Facebook’s reach is so extensive that many small businesses decide just to have a Facebook page and not have an official website.



Like Facebook, Instagram has an incredibly large following and a famous name and has been around for several years. The primary audience of Instagram includes millennials, women, and teens with a portion of seniors. The online portal has the international following similar to Facebook, but its reliance on pictures is the distinguishing factor. So if your business requires video support, then Instagram is the right option for you. Simply produce high-quality images, video content, and post. The social media platform also offers paid advertising opportunities.


Snapchat is a newcomer in the universe of social media but has taken the world by storm with millions of users active several times a day. Which provides an incredible opportunity for small and big business to expand their reach. However, you must provide frequent content due to the nature of this online portal and must be able to offer a daily “story” of photos or videos as the content expires after one day.


The most business-oriented site on social media, LinkedIn is an excellent way to form connections with other businesses and professionals. It is an older reputed platform which relies less on media content and focuses more on text-based updates. While LinkedIn is a great place to make connections, it is only well- suited for B2B orientation and small business. So if your services are B2B, LinkedIn is the right place to promote them because its primary purpose is the business connection.


YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform, with 1.9 billion MAUs and the second largest search engine after Google. Your business can benefit from its broad audience by creating a YouTube channel for your business and upload videos for your followers and general audience. It offers the viewers opportunities to comment, like, and share their thoughts. You can also advertise on YouTube and opt for YouTube SEO to maximize the benefits.

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