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As a business owner, running all aspects of your business can get extremely hectic. This can sometimes mean that finances get cast aside, even though they are one of the most important elements of your business. However, if you constantly feel as if you need an extra pair of hands, these business applications and tools can help you to deal with the financial elements of your business, so that you can focus on the growth of your business, and where you are going to invest it.

1. Utility Comparison Websites

If you are looking to save your business money, you may be considering looking to switch your energy supplier. However, looking between different websites, offers and suppliers can get extremely complicated and leave you feeling overwhelmed. However, Utility Bidder is a utility comparison website that can help you to compare all of the best deals on utilities such as electricity and gas, on a system that is trusted by all of the big supply companies. Not only do they find you the best deal on utilities, but they can also provide you with advice in terms of a supplier, allowing you to find the best offer specific to your business.

2. Invoice Creators

Invoice Creators such as Freshbooks and Wave can help you to advance your invoices past the complications of an Excel spreadsheet. These applications can help you to generate professional-look invoices while making your calculations for you instantly. All you have to do is fill in the details, and these produce invoices in a matter of moments, which you can then send to your clients. This ensures that your invoices will be clear, accurate and understandable to your clients, ensuring that they are able to pay you appropriately and on time.

3. Accounting Software

If you are not keen on hiring an accountant but do not have time to manage your finances yourself, reliable accounting software may be the right option for you. Accounting software such as Quick Books allows you to track your invoices, follow your expenditure, outgoings and cash flow, and can even help you to monitor cash projections. Many of these are even in-built with advice systems which can analyze your expenditure and help you to cut down on any unnecessary costs that you have been paying.

4. Cash Flow Management Software

Cash flow management software can help you monitor the potential cash flow of your business to ensure that you are gaining the profits that your business has been expected to, and that you need to succeed. Many of these applications also analyze your transactions to provide forecasts that can help you when it comes to your financial planning, enabling you to set targets and make changes accordingly.

5. Payment Apps

Payment applications such as Paypal and other similar devices can help you to manage your finances by enabling you to send and receive payment for different resources quickly. Some of these even allow you to pay for items with your phone due to a stored credit card, which can be handy for making transactions with your business bank account. Not only is this a reliable and secure way to accept customer payments for both yourself and your customers, but it is also quick and efficient, and many of these applications allow you to view necessary transactions. 

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