The Best Way to Sell a Diamond


Diamonds are by far one of the best jewels available in the world. These precious stones are considered to be one of the most premium forms of fashion jewelry. When it comes to selling diamonds and finding the best diamond buyers, it is a different ball game altogether. Although selling diamonds can be a difficult and daunting task, with the right techniques and skills, you will be able to sell them without any hassle. Let’s learn more about these precious stones and the best way to sell a diamond.

Diamond Selling Tips

Selling diamonds can feel overwhelming. But it really doesn’t have to be. The tips below have been put forward by experts in the business of selling diamonds; take a note of them to master the art of selling diamonds. You can easily sell your diamond jewelry and earn handsome returns by adhering to the following tips.

  • Know the characteristics of your diamond. If you aren’t even aware about the diamond you have, you will find it difficult to sell. Thus, know everything about your diamond will help you receive a reasonable price.
  • If you do not have any information on your diamond, go to a local jewelers and ask for the 4 C’s: carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and cut grade.
  • Explore multiple selling options before you settle for one. If you only try to sell at a single platform, you probably won’t get the worth of your diamond. However, if you try to sell it on different platforms and talk to different buyers, chances are that your diamond jewelry will get a higher price.
  • Look for reputable buyers that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Always read any diamond buyers online reviews to get a good idea of how they run their business and if they can be trusted.

Ways to Sell Diamonds

There are multiple ways to sell your diamonds. Since the advent of technology, more number of ways is cropping up in buying and selling along with the traditional means. Thus, you can use both online as well as offline methods of selling diamonds, whichever suits your needs best.

  • Listing platforms: There are many listing platforms available which let you list your diamond jewelries and connect them with diamond buyers who would be interested in them. These lists are wonderful means of connecting with people and finding the ones which would be interested in your diamond jewelry. The downside is that it can take a long time to sell.
  • Online diamond buyers: Trustworthy online diamond buyers offer a quick and easy way to sell to the experts for a great price.
  • Jewelers: One of the best ways would be to go to your local jeweler and sell it to them. But you must be cautious about the price they may offer you. You shouldn’t succumb for a lower price if you feel that your jewelry is of a higher cost. But jewelers can be good buyers of your old diamonds, if your jewelry is in demand in the local market. Remember that when selling on consignment, the jeweler will take a percentage of the final sale price.
  • Direct Contacts: You might be having people who are your direct contacts and they might need a diamond. Thus, you can try selling them your jewelry in case they are interested in them. You can simply strike a deal which suits you both and go ahead with it. This of course depends entirely on your personal contacts.

Diamond Valuation

Valuing a diamond is probably one of the toughest tasks for anybody involved in the job. Only a trained gemologist can know the true value of a diamond. Firstly, a diamond is assessed for carat weight, clarity, cut and color grade. All these factors are considered together and only then can the right valuation for a diamond can be determined. These 4C’s are important while you are looking to sell your diamond. You must compare your stone with these parameters to see how they hold up. The initial price can be decided upon these factors and then both the party can proceed to negotiations.

The Bottom Line

These are all the essential tips and factors which you need to know in order to sell diamonds. These tips will definitely make you a better seller when it comes to your precious diamond jewelry. Follow the tips, get the best price for your diamond and then sell them. No matter how difficult it may sound, the whole process is extremely simple if you follow the right techniques.

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