Best Ways to Make Money with Smartphones

Make money with your smartphone

Gone are the days when smartphones used to be a big deal, these days, everyone has one with them. Even Your Cute Neighbor’s 15-year-old girl has one. We’ve already read a large number of articles on how these smartphones can distract you from work, and how they might affect your life.

But, how if you could actually use them to make money ?I Know it sounds too good to be true, but it is quite true. Google play store is full of apps of every kind. If you search Make Money in Play store, you will come across thousands of app results.

But, not all of them are legit. To sort this out and make things easy for you, Below are ways you can make money with smartphone in a legit and easy manner.

7 Best Ways to Make Money with Smartphones

Here are some of the best ways to make quick money with any smartphone, Lets have a look:

1 . Checking Price – Easy shift

There is a reason why it lands on the number one spot on this list, and the reason is the innovative concept behind it. The app focuses on keeping a check on the large number of product movements & gathering data, which in turn is used by several companies. You need to do a simple thing, you need to check whether a certain product is available at specified outlet or not.

Once you do check it, check out its price and barcodes. Anyone using this app can expect a payout varying between $2 to $20 from paypal.

2 . Trying Apps – TryMyApps

There are many apps paying users high rewards for installing and trying apps, among which we recommend TryMyApps which pays iPhone users and Android phone users PayPal cash and gift cards for trying the apps they provide.

A lot of users are already registered upon this app and are making a decent amount from their past time.

3 . Working out – Gym Pact

One of the apps with original concept, has been designed to motivate people to exercise, and even pay them to do so. A person merely needs to register with this application and after this he/she would be able to proceed and make some money while working out. Whenever they do a exercise or workout, they should register how much they worked out, and this will help them gather small amounts of money, sweet isn’t it ?

The Payout limit is $5 and you can get your hard earned money via your paypal account. However you should not that you are liable to fines, if you don’t work out.

4 . LockScreen – Locket

This is one app which is based on an awesome concept, because it enables its users to earn money by embedding advertisements on their screen saver. Once done, you would need to swipe one way the advert, and the other to access menus of your smartphone. Their algorithm checks the frequency of how many times you unlock your phone.

The minimum payout amount is $10, and it can be transferred to paypal.

5 . Buying things – Receipt Hog

One of the quite awesome options available here which helps you gather valuable information which is based upon the buying patterns and other similar sort of information. This is the information for which companies are willing to pay for.

The app is based on a very simple concept, you need to take picture of any sort of bill that you gather. This can be bill of anything you buy, from a store to a restaurant. Once you submit the bill , the app would reward you with virtual coins which can later be redeemed for real money.

6 . Selling women’s fashion – Poshmark

This is an application for DIY lovers, using this, you can sell various items such as women’s fashion items such as shoes, clothing, handbags, and accessories. All you need to do is download this application on your iPhone, sign up for an account and start capturing pics of item you need to sell.

7 . Watching TV – Viggle

If you love watching TV or listening to music on your smartphone, this app is a perfect app for you. All you need to do is login in the app and check in with viggle button.

After you do this you will start earning points in your account. You can also earn points by doing these things such as taking surveys, answering questions.

Conclusion – I don’t promise a six figure income from these apps, but you can certainly make a decent pocket income from doing these activities.

Which apps do you use, let us know in the comments below.

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