The Best Ways to Value Your Car

Online Car Valuation

The process of selling a car is unfortunately never a straightforward one. The thought of it is enough to send a shudder down the spine of many motorists who have gone through the process before, but it is also something that needs to be done from time to time.

Therefore, it is important to find ways to streamline the experience and ensure a smooth sale. Often, the trickiest aspect is valuing your car so that you can establish a fair price. Here are the best ways to do this.


Although an old school method, trawling through the classifieds will give you a rough guide as you are sure to find somebody selling the same model from the same year as you.  Keep in mind that mileage or condition may be different, but you will get a rough idea of the market. Also, this method may help you to find your next car.


Car Auction

Many people now purchase vehicles at online auctions instead of at a dealership. Take a look at these auction sites and search for a similar car to your own; once the auction has ended, you will have a clear idea of how much people are willing to pay for your vehicle.


Many dealerships now offer a no obligation used car evaluation service, including Robins & Day. This typically involves providing the dealership with the registration number, the mileage, condition and your personal details. Many then come back with an immediate valuation and with no obligation to sell to the dealership. Once you have a figure, you can then consider a few ways to increase the value of your car before making the sale.

Online Services

There are hundreds of online valuation tools available which can provide you with a rough estimate. You will usually have to provide the same information as you do with dealerships, with some of these services being free whilst others charge for a valuation.

Valuing a car for a sale can be difficult and daunting, as all used cars are different and you want to get a good deal whilst also setting a fair price. This can be challenging when you have to factor in depreciation, mileage, condition, transmission, extras, region and various other factors. The above are a few ways that motorists are able to reach a figure, but to establish an accurate result, it is worth using all of these methods and working out an average from the separate figures.

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