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Bing Releases Innovative Image Search Tool for Bloggers

Bing Image Search

The latest news in the world of search engine optimization or SEO is Bing’s move to join other search engines in improving its image search functionality. After Google and Yahoo, Bing is the third most popular search engine holding about 6 percent of the market, one consumer survey found

Bing’s new image search tool

The search engine’s new image functionality is called Bing Visual Search. Users will now be capable of searching for certain items within bigger images.

One example is searching for an image of a garden. Once you have picked a photo of a garden, you’ll see a magnifying glass in the upper left side of the screen. Click that magnifying glass.

Now you’ll be entered into a search tool that will allow you to point towards one specific flower. After you click on a certain flower, Bing will tell you whether it is a lily, tulip, rose, or some other flower. You can even use this new image search tool to find more photos of your favorite actors and celebrities.

Why the new image search tool matters for blogs

This new search tool from Bing could be very useful for users or business owners managing a blog. When you’re writing a blog post, you will need to create a more attractive page that brings your business more views.

As such, you’ll want to get the best images for your needs. You’ll need to get engaging photos relevant to your blog. The new Bing search tool could be great for meeting this goal.

Key tips for bloggers

Key Tip for Blogger

Along with getting great images for your blog, you will need to choose a reliable blogging platform. Many choose WordPress as their platform since it is very user-friendly and has plenty of support tools. 

Other important tips to keep in mind when managing a blog is the importance of thought leadership pieces, high quality publishing standards, and providing content with real human value instead of merely keyword stuffing. You will also want to do a fair amount of research on the audience you want to target, according to the Business2Community publication. Your content needs to reach out to your audience and give them valuable advice.

Blog writers are constantly seeking great tools that should improve the quality of their posts. Bing’s new image search functionality will likely play a major role in the world of SEO and blogging.

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